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  1. Hi! Thanks for your replies so far. Removing "unused" Airports from scenery.cfg indeed speeds up initial loading of FSX. And it solved some 10-minutes-freezing problems I faced when using 'old' FSX . Maybe it's not necessary with FSX:SE. I should give this a try! How can I opimize the organisation of my ORBX files on the disk? rgrds, Benni
  2. Hi! I wonder if there is any chance of letting "make runways" only PARTIALLY scan the scenery.cfg of my FSX:SE? The reason for this demand is: I only activate the Sceneries I use for my planned flight (Dep, Dest, Altn, ...) due to performance reasons. My "problem" is, that I have ORBX Vector installed, which increases the duration of the scan quite a lot. Just tested and it was more than 10 minutes... Exluding these 5 layers from the scan would be VERY helpful. Any idea how to manage that? best rgrds, Benni
  3. Hi! I really consider buying this nice, little Programm for using it with PMDGs 777. Nevertheless some questions need to be answered before: 1. Can I use TOPER also for the B777 Freighter type? 2. Is the Airport Database somehow user-editable? 3. Does TOPER support De-Rated Takeoffs (TO, TO1 and TO2) and the combination of De-Rate + Assumed Temp? At the Moment I use TOPCAT but somehow I fear this is a "dead" one... So TOPER seems like a suitable alternate for me... Looking forward to your answers! With regards, Benni T.
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