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  1. fsuipcclient for p3d 64bit

    hello, this one is worked but now a small different problem , it sending the data to the p3d but it dosent stop for exmp: i am sending "65652" which is XPNDR_100_INC , it send the command but the number keep going up , until i am sending a "null" i can see on the fsuipc log file that 3110 and 3114 constantly send signals even if i didnt press anything any idea ?
  2. fsuipcclient for p3d 64bit

    this is the error i get when i add "true" any thoughts ? thank you very much
  3. fsuipcclient for p3d 64bit

    fsuControlDatau = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of Integer)("&H3114") fsuControlu = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of Integer)("&H3110") this is how i wrote it in vb is it correct ? or i need to add something like i said it been a long long long time since i programmed :)
  4. fsuipcclient for p3d 64bit

    I just noticed that with the dll versions 3.06152.2 - 3.06152.3 - 3.06152.4 - 3.06100.1 I can no longer send offsets via: As Sun sendButton Offset (Of Integer) = New FSUIPC.Offset (Of Integer) (& H3110) with or 2.4.4910.2 versions all works fine. any fix to that ? i am using p3dv4 and fsuipcv5 thank you
  5. fsuipcclient for p3d 64bit

    thank you for the help , it's been a long time since i programmed i think it is something with the script control, any idea where i can get MSScriptControl dll for 64bit ? thank you
  6. fsuipcclient for p3d 64bit

    thank you for the information , the build is going well without any error code , warning or note, i am using the new client (RC2) and it still have the problem , let me check the connection code and ill try it with 2.4 will post back soon
  7. fsuipcclient for p3d 64bit

    is anyone know if i need new fsuipcclient.dll for fsuipc5 ? i am changing the link2fs software to work with p3d 64bit , everything work great axcept the fsuipc section only after 2 time clicking on a "send" box the command is sending to the game, the command can use only one time until i am changing screens on the software any idea ? i am developing in visual studio 2017 thank you
  8. Moved to Sub-Forum, FSUIPC Client DLL for .NET Hello Pete, first i want to thank you for taking the time and thank the fsuipc to 64 bit my guess is you familiar with the link2fs software , the problem with this software now that it is not working with 64bit , i spend the time and start change it to 64bit , everything is working great with the prepar3d 64bit except the fsuipc part , it is not sending any control to the game and it is not responding i have to say with the 32bit it is working great is there is a new fsuipcclient.dll for 64bit ? if yes where i can download it ? thank you
  9. hello everyone , i am new to this forum and i have a question. i installed the p3d in my computer (i love it) but the first thing i check is the buttons and axis assignment and i did realize that finally it is a directinput (can control more than 32 buttons per joystick) , but the not so good new there is not much of controls like the fsuipc have , after i install the fsuipc i realize that the p3d version still limited to 32 buttons per joystick , my question is there is any update or a twik that i can do to make it control more than 32 buttons ? i did create my own game pad that have 2 controller in it, one controller is 128 buttons and the other one is 64 buttons and 32 encoders . please please please let me know if there something i can do for right now i am using linda but its crash all the time Best
  10. hello everyone , maybe someone can help me i purchase the mindstar g1000 software and i also build a panel for it with a 10.4 monitor for my controls i am using linda since the g1000 have a lot of buttons to be program i run out of keyboard combination now the mind star g1000 system have it own INI file for control. here is what i am trying to do : in the mindstar ini file there is a command for pfd direct to PFD_DIRECT_TO= here it can be either CTRL + 2 or 0x12345 (fs control) or FSUIPC:0x12345 for fsuipc offset how can i create a control in fsuipc with the function name PFD_DIRECT_TO and make it control with my linda ?? i notice by looking on the FSUIPC control PDF there is a lot of control that empty please help me Best and thank you
  11. hello pete hope is all good i have a question i bought the mindstar aviation G1000 software, since the MS1000(shortcut for mindstar g1000) have there own ini file for controls and they also offer not just a keyboard control they can control directly with fsuipc offsets or fs control , since the g1000 have a lot to program i run out of keyboard combination and by looking at the fsuipc control pdf i see there is a lot of empty control there is anyway i can assign the function from mindstar to this empty control ? or if you have another idea that can help me for example: in the ms1000 .ini file there is a command name PFD_DIRECT_TO = here it can be either CTRL+1 or FSUIPC:0x1234(some offset) or 0x23432(some control ) and basically from what i understand when i press on the pfd direct to button its going to the lua file (i am using linda) , looking for the function and execute the control 23432 which is the PFD_DIRECT_TO please let me know if it is possible or if you have a better/different idea THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!!