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  1. List of AI traffic schedules C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery\World\Scenery\trafficBoats.bgl.......... This is the file that was found should I delete this ? I used the communicator per the instructions shall I delete this file ? Well well .. I figured out the problem when I looked at the path in scenery It added a few foward slashes and well iam seeing all kinds of airline traffic now .. Thanks 05/03/15 updated . this is much a very enjoyable product .. I hate to read but when I do things work !! Thanks
  2. How would I remove these FS8 traffic ttools format using the comunicator? reading this : I think all is well installed, but I see no AI traffic, the airports are all empty - what is going on? Unfortunatly this happens from time to time and needs a bit of action to find the reason. The good news for you is that we could cure all of these cases up to now. If you are sure about the FSX.cfg entry ( check in the Communicator ) and the scenery library, and if MyTraffic\scenery contains the large traffic bgls at the end of the installation, then it is extremely likely that you have an AI schedule file in FS8/ttools format installed somewhere. Either in scenery\world\scenery, or together with an addon airport. These files typically have names traf*.bgl or trf*.bgl, locate them, delete them, and you will see MyTraffic working. A tool to help you finding these can be started from the MyTraffic Communicator directly, under “Manage FSX settings” please select “Search for traffic bgl files”. This process may run for a few minutes, depending on the size of your FSX installation, and will end with display of a text file containing file names. These may, but must not be traffic schedules. While you should keep the MyTraffic files, others may be the culprits and need to be deleted. In case of doubt, contact the author of these files or the MyTraffic support forum
  3. This is the same problem iam having please help
  4. Ok My traffic x 6 is installed I installed per the instructions and Iam not seeing any traffic , I was having problems with My traffic x 5c and upgraded to the newer version "6" , is there a troubleshooting guide so that I can follow ???. I uinstalled 5c in favor of this newer version hoping that I could see traffic but the same results as my previous install off MTX 5c .. That was working before I decided to install another add-on called airport GSX , after that and going threw your older post and running re-nounce and checking all files, CFG,dll & scenery cfg , still no traffic , I un-installed 5c in favor of mtx6 and the same result I just would like to enjoy a good product again .... Update @ 23:38 04/30/15 .. I am seeing GA Traffic but no Comercial traffic Ill re-read the fourms and see if I can get a soulution metalrockerlion
  5. Hello I have had MTX 5.c installed .. I had problems of seeing no traffic after I installed another add - on GFX .. and now I just bought the newest version of MTX6 .. Your product works when it does work . When I had problems before of seeing no traffic in MTX5c , I would have too Compltely Remove all entries in Fxcfg . Sceneray Dll .. and re-ran MTX5C and than I would see traffic . , I did not know that you could fix things with re-nounce bat , however after 8 attempts of running that re-nounce Bat file I gave up , I followed every soulution In your Post and Still did see any traffic . Now the question is shall I remove My traffic 5c from the hard-drive , make sure all entries in the dll, cfg, and scenery files are removed ? . I am downloading MTX6 as of now , Your kind response is very much appreciated metakrockerlion
  6. After reading all of the above things .. STILL My traffic is not showing .. what is funny .. there are so many files in FSX .. I ran re-nounce almost 8 times .. I have deleted FSX cfg entries .. I have delted and re-installed trafficbgl .. .. the only success that ever works is me cleaniing all files out and re-installing the product ... I wanted to try a new product for the imersion and I know so better not to do things as this I tried to install GSX .. when you reply your english seems to be broken I know well that you know what you are doing , but the comunication loss is great becuase we are in different places in the world .. allow me to the best that I can to explain what I have done .. 1 . I installed GSX .. went into FSX and did not see anything .. SO ii Un- installed , crap I know better to do this , I did not see any traffic at airports that I fly from so the mistakes of having things installed like my traffic were very Much working great before I did This .. I un-installed GSX 2. reading your checklist .. I saw a few things that were incorrect , , scenery file did not have the file s, I ran Re Nounce batch and cleaned out what I have seen in the fSX .cfg any entries I added My traffic to the scenery on settings ,, still no traffic 3. - re-ran re-nounce and got errors ... an airplanes could not be added , the sceneary file cold not be added it said ERROR in adding files ANATOV and Scenery files could not be added , so deleted the anatov files and deleted files for scenary , re ran re nounce . passed , opened my settings and added My traffic again ran FSX went too your post to try ramstien and nothing .. no traffic ... I made sure again I had all of your soulutions put into place and re- ran FSX , still no traffic , Put My sliders At 100% Still Nothing 4, trying to undestand that a certain file could be culprit I again cleaned out everything That I know and re- ran , re nounce .. did the same steps above and still no traffic 5 . going threw the checklist .. saw that there was Carrier traffic bgl in scenery files . re- ran renounce the correct file was installed , re- ran fsx , doubled checked if my traffic was installled in settings .. still no traffic that GD GSX did something to make my traffic not work I have no clue were to look thanks
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