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  1. Yeah i was a noob and thought i had the latest version so i went to your website and got the latest version number. I dont know what was wrong. It must have been my incorrect coding in VB before. I know when programming in PHP you get an error just by missing off a simple " or a ;. Dave
  2. Ahh the reason it wasnt working earlier was because my version must have been too old and when i downloaded and installed your new version it worked well sort of worked but i need to have a special accredited key which i had to request from pete. Thanks for both your help. As my friend always says to me RTFM (need i say what that means :P). Thanks again Dave
  3. Ok, i have an update for you, i reinstalled FSUIPC and now it is connecting because Flight Simulator goes mad saying that it is unregistered. So basically i cant do what i was wanting to do unless i buy FSUIPC? Oh well, i wont be able to do this now as im a full time student and i am always very low on funds. Thank you for your help guys.
  4. Hi Pete and jd, Not even to the example in the SDK. I am using FS Interrogate. I used it to get the code of Slew Mode. It just doesnt connect to FSUIPC. Like i keep saying over and over, i get error 7 which means Incorrect Version. SIM_ANY and SIM_FS2k4 both dont work so soemthing must be wrong somewhere. Pete, in the log file i just found this.. 73344 C:\Documents and Settings\David\Desktop\Project1.exe 73359 Product="FSPROG" 73359 Company="Home" Does that mean it has opened the connection correctly? Please can one of you send me a working copy of a VB program that accesses FSUIPC then that way i will know if it is working or not? Thanks in advance, Dave
  5. Hi Pete, Im not saying that FSUIPC isnt working well it isnt working in a way if you know what i mean. The example in the SDK doesnt work so that must show that there is a problem with my FSUIPC dont you agree? I have changed my VB code around to find that i get error 7 i basically just did if(FSUIPC_open(........)) then have a msgbox. Dave
  6. The problem is is that it wont open, it keeps saying incorrect version (error 7). I have just had a thought, does my .exe file have to be in the same folder as the FSUIPC.dll when i execute it? And yeh, FS is running when i run the program. SIM_ANY is defined in the FSUIPC.bas module.
  7. Private Sub Command1_Click() Dim dwResult As Long Dim Slew As Integer Call FSUIPC_Open(SIM_ANY, dwResult) If FSUIPC_Read(&H5DC, 2, VarPtr(Slew), dwResult) Then If FSUIPC_Process(dwResult) Then If Slew = 1 Then MsgBox "Slewing!" Else MsgBox "Not Slewing" End If Else MsgBox "Cant Process. Error code: " & dwResult End If Else MsgBox "Cant read. Error code: " & dwResult End If End Sub I just dont understand what the problem is. I am always getting the "Incorrect version of FSUIPC" error. If your wondering if i have the FSUIPC module included in the project, i have. I have tried multiple versions of FSUIPC and still having no luck with it.
  8. I think im having a problem with my actual FSUIPC. I have corrected myself as it says in the manual and its still getting nothing. To prove this, i checked the error number with the numbers in the bas file and i got error number 7 which means incorrect version of FSUIPC but why am i getting this if i have the latest version (3.5.0)? Dave
  9. Thanks a lot for the replies guys. Yeah it makes a lot of sence to open a connection first Doh! But im just confused why the example in the SDK doesnt work. Dave
  10. Hi There guys, I have been playing around with this FSUIPC module for a few days now and i just cant figure this out. Im trying to get my VB program to read and check FS if im slewing or not. I currecntly have this code.. Private Sub Command1_Click() Dim dwResult As Long Dim Slew As Integer If FSUIPC_Read(&H5DC, 2, VarPtr(Slew), dwResult) Then If FSUIPC_Process(dwResult) Then If dwResult = 1 Then MsgBox "Slewing Else MsgBox "Not slewing End If End If Else MsgBox "Cant read FSUIPC" End If End Sub I just keep getting the error "Cant read FSUIPC". Also the example in the SDK doesnt work either. Please can someone help me. Thanks in Advance.. Dave
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