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  1. Hi Pete, Im still having the problem with steering on pmdg 737. I posted a support email at pmdg and this is their response. I did that and set up rudder and throttle in pd3 and it worked fine. Move the FSUIPC.ini out of the modules folder temporarily. Issue goes away? FSUIPC issue. Tends to be the case, unfortunately. 0 Quote Kyle Rodgers PMDG Development and Support
  2. Thank you Pete. I don't know how you remain so patient with people like me. LOL. Colin
  3. I didn't know where to start with this as I've searched all over the place. When I upgraded p3d v4 to v4.1 I lost steering while taxiing my pmdg 737. It appears the rudder command (Saitek rudder pedals) is being sent to the plane and I see the front wheel turn but the plane keeps going straight. Has anyone else had this issue? ideas? Can anyone send me to a place to ask about this if it's not an fscuip issue. Thanks Colin
  4. Perfect, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks. Can I assume that my pmdg 737 aircraft are now all using the default profile? Everything works as it did in the aircraft specific profile. My controllers seem to work much better actually and I have better control of the 737 now than I did using the specific profile which I am now assuming got corrupt somehow.
  5. I have a fully paid for registered version of fsuicp. I had my fsuicp all set up for my pmdg 737. I uninstalled the 737 to do a fresh install with the latest version of pmdg 737 a few days ago. After the reinstall and loading the aircraft I would then click on specific profile in fsuicp then click okay at the end of it. After that the ailerons and pitch would not work, so I went into fsuicp and it showed as working in the axes but I could not calibrate. Pretty hard to fly with no pitch or roll. Sooo. I deleted that aircraft from the fsuicp ini file and the aircraft worked again. I would imagine through the default fsuicp settings. I have not unplugged any of the controllers. I have seen the topics on assigning letters. My question is, how do I delete the pmdg 737 profile from fsuicp ini file? Thanks Colin
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