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  1. Thanks Pete: Yes, I also posted on the RC forum and it seems, as you suggested, to be a "path not found" error. I had also posted here because I saw "fsuipc" in the error message and was not sure and I wanted to cover all grounds. Looks like it should be easily fixable but not sure why it just "all of a sudden" happened. Well sometimes there are not always readily apparent answers. Take care, Al
  2. Hello Pete: Have been using Radar Contact, FSUIPC and FSX for many years without significant problem. Toward the end of my last 3 flights, I noted that Radar Contact was not working. However, it worked perfectly during the first 1/2 - 2/3rds of each flight. I opened the RC Window and there was the following error: Run Time Error '76' RC.fsuipc.rcv4code Any idea what this means and what to do to fix it. Never saw this before. Thank you, Al
  3. Hi Pete: Sorry, was away for a few days. FSUIPC 4.53. I think I figured it out. The plane I was using was the Flight1_Cessna_Mustang. With some planes that I use, when I select "Plane Specific", FSUIPC assigns the actual tail # of the aircraft if this appears in the "select plane" list. With this plane, there are no tail #'s assigned. FSUIPC then assigns a number to the plane. I checked all the liveries in this particular group. There are 6 of them. Depending on which one I select, a # (from 1 - 6) is assigned when I check off "plane specific". Al
  4. Pete: I wanted to start completely over with assigning a macro file for a specific plane for the purpose of assigning buttons in my GoFlight modules. So I went into the FSUIPC.ini file and deleted the line with the macro name in the [MacroFiles] section, deleted the [buttons assignments for the plane], deleted the actual "name of the macro".MCRO and .MCRO.bak files in the Modules folder and started over. However, when I go into FSUIPC to create the new macro and I check off "plane specific" I keep getting at the top of the FSUIPC window "name of plane2". Do you know why the number 2 being is added to the plane name? thanks, Al
  5. I also want to install the latest Airac cycle - now 0912. I have a few questions. Where in the splash screen does it show the Airac cycle? Does FSC come with an initial Airac cycle installed? In the main FSC folder in Program Files, where is the Airac data located? Thank you, Al
  6. Thanks again Pete. Will see what I can find out from Eaglesoft. Al
  7. Thanks Pete. Please let me say again that I appreciate all your efforts and help as always. I will try a few more experiments. I also plan to talk to the developers and ask them what was done differently with this APU switch compared to the FS9 version. I will let you know if I get any additional information that could help in solving this problem. I have one other question. I noticed something that popped up in my log and would appreciate any comments about what it means. I see the following line repeated many times in my log that I sent you. Do you know what it means? "Exception 15 "WEATHER_UNABLE_TO_GET_OBSERVATION", Ref 3887, Index param -1 on Weather request type 5" Thanks, Al
  8. Pete: Then please explain, if possible, why is it that if I ONLY use these 2 macro entries, 21=APU Start=RXadf90*X55cc 23=APU Off=RXae000*X55cc the APU switch "works" in that it will move up when I click my CH switch to Start and it moves down if I click my CH switch to turn Off. Of course it does not self center but if the log says I need a 3 line macro then using a 3 line macro does not even move the switch, other than the switch sound. Thanks, Al
  9. Very sorry Pete but I guess I misunderstood and add in a little confusion as well. I do not do this every day of the week. I changed my MCRO file to the following: 21=APU Start 21.1=RXadf90*X55cc 21.2=RXadf90*X55cc,11 21.3=RXadf90*X55cc,17 23=APU Off 23.1=RXae000*X55cc 23.2==RXae000*X55cc,11 23.3=RXae000*X55cc,17 Are these correct and what you referred to by a "three-line macro"? Left out the APU norm for now. When I open FS, I can hear a click with APU START and OFF but no there is movement of the APU switch. Al
  10. Hi Pete: Was out of town for the weekend, visiting my son. As you suggested above, the initial macros were for preparation work to get to the APU panel. The 2 macros for the APU are one for the Start: RXadf90*X55cc and the second for the Off: RXae000*X55cc I do NOT know why there is one with the 17 modifier added to it. That is NOT in my MCRO file at all. I only have the 11 modifier in there because that is what was successful before in the FS9 version. Here is what I have in my MCRO file for the APU: 21=APU Start=RXadf90*X55cc 22=APU Normal 22.1=RXadf90*X55cc,11 22.2=RXae000*X55cc,11 23=APU Off=RXae000*X55cc Thanks, Al
  11. Pete: Here is the log. I first entered the 3 items that you requested in the General section of the ini file. I then opened FSX and loaded the Citation. I first opened the APU subpanel and then did 2 things. I first mouse clicked the APU start switch followed by mouse clicking the APU Off switch. That is all. (BTW, I did do a little experimenting with additional numbers before doing the above but still no luck with self centering the switch) ********* FSUIPC4, Version 4.53 by Pete Dowson ********* Reading options from "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\FSUIPC4.ini" User Name= User Addr= FSUIPC4 Key is provided WideFS7 Key is provided Running inside FSX on Windows Vista (using SimConnect Acc/SP2 Oct07) Module base=61000000 Wind smoothing fix is fully installed DebugStatus=255 78 System time = 12/11/2009 20:56:03 125 FLT UNC path = "\\FLTSIM6\Flight Simulator X Files\" 125 FS UNC path = "\\FLTSIM6\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\" 765 LogOptions=00000000 00010011 765 SimConnect_Open succeeded: waiting to check version okay 2294 Running in "Microsoft Flight Simulator X", Version: 10.0.61472.0 (SimConnect: 10.0.61259.0) 2294 Initialising SimConnect data requests now 2294 FSUIPC Menu entry added 2340 Ready Flags: Ready-To-Fly=N, In Menu=Y, In Dlg=Y 2340 \\FLTSIM6\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\FLIGHTS\OTHER\FLTSIM.FLT 2340 \\FLTSIM6\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aircreation_582SL\Aircreation_582SL.AIR 19220 \\FLTSIM6\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\Eaglesoft Citation X 2.0 X\CitationX.AIR 46582 Ready Flags: Ready-To-Fly=N, In Menu=N, In Dlg=N 46660 Ready Flags: Ready-To-Fly=Y, In Menu=N, In Dlg=N 47003 System time = 12/11/2009 20:56:50, Simulator time = 12:03:21 (17:03Z) 47237 Aircraft="Eaglesoft Citation X 2.0 N104CT" 47815 Exception 15 "WEATHER_UNABLE_TO_GET_OBSERVATION", Ref 2832, Index param -1 on Weather request type 5 49843 Advanced Weather Interface Enabled 51996 Exception 15 "WEATHER_UNABLE_TO_GET_OBSERVATION", Ref 2837, Index param -1 on Weather request type 5 56488 Exception 15 "WEATHER_UNABLE_TO_GET_OBSERVATION", Ref 2925, Index param -1 on Weather request type 5 60825 Exception 15 "WEATHER_UNABLE_TO_GET_OBSERVATION", Ref 3057, Index param -1 on Weather request type 5 65318 Exception 15 "WEATHER_UNABLE_TO_GET_OBSERVATION", Ref 3196, Index param -1 on Weather request type 5 69670 Exception 15 "WEATHER_UNABLE_TO_GET_OBSERVATION", Ref 3340, Index param -1 on Weather request type 5 73134 ********** Modules List *********** 73134 00BF0000-00C99000 xuipc.dll 73134 01000000-0129D000 fsx.exe 73134 06930000-0693D000 simconnect.dll 73134 06950000-06A5A000 nvapi.dll 73134 07A60000-07A6D000 simconnect.dll 73134 08100000-0810A000 GaugeSound.dll 73134 0AB30000-0ABCF000 wideview.dll 73134 0B180000-0B18E000 SimConnect.dll 73134 0B250000-0B2E3000 esftchk5.dll 73134 0B630000-0B63B000 VBAJET32.DLL 73134 0E120000-0E135000 GFDEV.DLL 73134 10000000-1021A000 widetraffic.dll 73134 17590000-19343000 ESDG_CitationX.GAU 73134 1B890000-1B8D9000 msjtes40.dll 73134 1D810000-1D8AF000 NavData.dll 73134 1D9D0000-1DA66000 dao360.dll 73134 1DA70000-1DBF5000 MSJET40.DLL 73134 1DC00000-1DC99000 mswstr10.dll 73134 1DDA0000-1DE02000 expsrv.dll 73134 20000000-20054000 ablscpt.dll 73134 20060000-2008D000 acontain.dll 73134 20090000-200D0000 ai_player.dll 73134 200D0000-2020B000 API.DLL 73134 20210000-20275000 atc.dll 73134 20280000-202BD000 controls.dll 73134 202C0000-202D4000 demo.dll 73134 202E0000-20324000 facilities.dll 73134 20330000-20437000 fe.dll 73134 20440000-204AD000 flight.dll 73134 204B0000-2061D000 fsui.dll 73134 20620000-206D5000 g2d.dll 73134 206E0000-20802000 g3d.dll 73134 20810000-20833000 gps.dll 73134 20840000-208B1000 language.dll 73134 208C0000-208E1000 livingwater.dll 73134 208F0000-209E5000 main.dll 73134 209F0000-20AE2000 multiplayer.dll 73134 20AF0000-20B6C000 panels.dll 73134 20B70000-20C34000 sim1.dll 73134 20C40000-20C6C000 simprop.dll 73134 20C70000-20C7B000 simscheduler.dll 73134 20C80000-20CAF000 sound.dll 73134 20CB0000-20CDF000 symmap.dll 73134 20CE0000-20DC1000 terrain.dll 73134 20DD0000-20DE7000 fs-traffic.dll 73134 20DF0000-20ED3000 ui.dll 73134 20EE0000-20F1B000 util.dll 73134 20F20000-20F52000 visualfx.dll 73134 20F60000-20FB3000 weather.dll 73134 20FC0000-20FED000 window.dll 73134 61000000-614C5000 FSUIPC4.dll 73134 69B10000-69C4C000 MSXML4.DLL 73134 6C1A0000-6C513000 mshtml.dll 73134 6CA20000-6CBC2000 gameux.dll 73134 6CD80000-6D4D6000 nvd3dum.dll 73134 6D4E0000-6D84F000 d3dx9_34.dll 73134 6D950000-6DA65000 D3DCompiler_34.dll 73134 6DBC0000-6DDD3000 AcGenral.DLL 73134 6DEB0000-6DED9000 msls31.dll 73134 6DEE0000-6DF2C000 Wpc.dll 73134 6DF50000-6DF74000 dinput.dll 73134 6DF80000-6DFB3000 dxdiagn.dll 73134 6DFC0000-6DFF7000 d3d10_1core.dll 73134 6E1D0000-6E23D000 d3dx10_34.dll 73134 6E240000-6E34F000 MFC80.DLL 73134 6E540000-6E68A000 msxml6.dll 73134 6E690000-6E6A8000 olepro32.dll 73134 6E6E0000-6E70C000 d3d10_1.dll 73149 6EC10000-6EC80000 DSOUND.dll 73149 6ECF0000-6ED21000 dxgi.dll 73149 6ED80000-6EDF2000 RICHED20.DLL 73149 6F0A0000-6F0C8000 uiautomationcore.dll 73149 701A0000-701A6000 SensApi.dll 73149 702C0000-702F0000 MLANG.dll 73149 706B0000-70C7E000 ieframe.dll 73149 71510000-71515000 SHFOLDER.dll 73149 715F0000-71678000 AcLayers.DLL 73149 71710000-717A9000 fastprox.dll 73149 71BB0000-71BCE000 ShimEng.dll 73149 71D10000-71D20000 wbemsvc.dll 73149 71D60000-71D65000 sfc.dll 73149 71E70000-71E7D000 sfc_os.DLL 73149 71F10000-71F6B000 wbemcomn.dll 73149 72040000-7204B000 wbemprox.dll 73149 726D0000-72757000 MSVCP80.dll 73149 72AA0000-72AE2000 WINSPOOL.DRV 73149 72D30000-72DCB000 MSVCR80.dll 73149 73040000-731FA000 d3d9.dll 73149 736F0000-7374F000 WINHTTP.dll 73149 73800000-73806000 d3d8thk.dll 73149 73870000-73906000 fwpuclnt.dll 73149 739D0000-73A55000 COMCTL32.dll 73149 73D20000-73D34000 MSACM32.dll 73149 73D40000-73D47000 WSOCK32.dll 73149 73D50000-73D59000 msacm32.drv 73149 73D60000-73DC6000 audioeng.dll 73149 73DD0000-73DF1000 AUDIOSES.DLL 73149 73E00000-73EB3000 WindowsCodecs.dll 73149 73EC0000-73EEF000 wdmaud.drv 73149 73F30000-73F37000 midimap.dll 73149 73F40000-73F4C000 dwmapi.dll 73149 73F50000-73F89000 OLEACC.dll 73149 73FC0000-73FCB000 msimtf.dll 73149 73FF0000-73FF4000 ksuser.dll 73149 74000000-74032000 WINMM.dll 73149 74180000-7423B000 PROPSYS.dll 73149 74240000-743EB000 gdiplus.dll 73149 745A0000-745A8000 msadp32.acm 73149 745B0000-745E3000 DINPUT8.dll 73149 745F0000-7460B000 cryptnet.dll 73149 74620000-7462A000 XInput9_1_0.dll 73149 74630000-7463E000 MFC80ENU.DLL 73149 746E0000-746E9000 HID.DLL 73149 74750000-74780000 DUser.dll 73149 74AB0000-74AC5000 Cabinet.dll 73149 74AD0000-74AFD000 WINTRUST.dll 73149 74B00000-74B3F000 UxTheme.dll 73149 74B40000-74B67000 MMDevApi.dll 73149 74B70000-74D0E000 comctl32.dll 73149 74E20000-74E2A000 WTSAPI32.DLL 73149 74E30000-74E37000 AVRT.dll 73149 74EF0000-74EF5000 wshtcpip.dll 73149 74F00000-74F05000 MSIMG32.dll 73149 74F10000-74F2A000 POWRPROF.dll 73149 74F30000-74F51000 NTMARTA.DLL 73149 74F90000-74FA5000 GPAPI.dll 73149 74FB0000-74FEB000 rsaenh.dll 73149 75070000-75147000 winbrand.dll 73149 75230000-7526B000 MSWSOCK.dll 73149 75290000-75295000 wship6.dll 73149 752A0000-752A8000 VERSION.dll 73149 75330000-75355000 WINSTA.dll 73149 75380000-75471000 CRYPT32.dll 73149 75480000-754C5000 BCRYPT.dll 73149 754D0000-75505000 ncrypt.dll 73149 75520000-75541000 dhcpcsvc6.DLL 73149 75550000-75557000 WINNSI.DLL 73149 75560000-75595000 dhcpcsvc.DLL 73149 755A0000-755B9000 iphlpapi.dll 73149 755C0000-75600000 wevtapi.dll 73149 75600000-7563A000 slc.dll 73149 75660000-75674000 MPR.dll 73149 75680000-75698000 NTDSAPI.dll 73149 756A0000-756B2000 MSASN1.dll 73149 756C0000-756D1000 SAMLIB.dll 73149 756F0000-7571C000 DNSAPI.dll 73149 75720000-75795000 NETAPI32.dll 73149 75A40000-75A6C000 apphelp.dll 73149 75AA0000-75AB4000 Secur32.dll 73149 75AC0000-75ADE000 USERENV.dll 73149 75C00000-75C8D000 OLEAUT32.dll 73149 75C90000-75CD5000 iertutil.dll 73149 75CE0000-75D8A000 msvcrt.dll 73149 75D90000-75DBD000 WS2_32.dll 73149 75DC0000-75DE9000 imagehlp.dll 73149 75DF0000-75E63000 comdlg32.dll 73149 75E70000-75F40000 WININET.dll 73149 75F40000-76069000 urlmon.dll 73149 76070000-7608E000 IMM32.DLL 73149 76090000-76156000 ADVAPI32.dll 73149 76160000-761AA000 WLDAP32.dll 73149 761B0000-76234000 CLBCatQ.DLL 73149 76240000-763CA000 SETUPAPI.dll 73149 763D0000-76428000 SHLWAPI.dll 73149 76430000-764AD000 USP10.dll 73149 764B0000-765F4000 ole32.dll 73149 76600000-766C2000 RPCRT4.dll 73149 766D0000-76798000 MSCTF.dll 73149 767A0000-772B0000 SHELL32.dll 73149 772B0000-7738B000 kernel32.dll 73149 77390000-774B7000 ntdll.dll 73149 774C0000-774C7000 PSAPI.DLL 73149 774D0000-774D9000 LPK.DLL 73149 774E0000-7752B000 GDI32.dll 73149 77530000-77536000 NSI.dll 73149 77540000-77543000 Normaliz.dll 73149 77550000-775ED000 USER32.dll 73149 *********************************** 73149 Mouse by function: RX6d530*X55cc (flags=20000000), Module="ESDG_CitationX.GAU" 74163 Exception 15 "WEATHER_UNABLE_TO_GET_OBSERVATION", Ref 3480, Index param -1 on Weather request type 5 76347 Mouse by function: RX89700*X55cc (flags=20000000), Module="ESDG_CitationX.GAU" 77595 Mouse by function: RX89830*X55cc (flags=20000000), Module="ESDG_CitationX.GAU" 77720 Mouse by function: RX89830*X55cc,17 (flags=00020000), Module="ESDG_CitationX.GAU" 78672 Exception 15 "WEATHER_UNABLE_TO_GET_OBSERVATION", Ref 3610, Index param -1 on Weather request type 5 83009 Exception 15 "WEATHER_UNABLE_TO_GET_OBSERVATION", Ref 3745, Index param -1 on Weather request type 5 87501 Exception 15 "WEATHER_UNABLE_TO_GET_OBSERVATION", Ref 3887, Index param -1 on Weather request type 5 91823 Mouse by function: RXadf90*X55cc (flags=20000000), Module="ESDG_CitationX.GAU" 91994 Exception 15 "WEATHER_UNABLE_TO_GET_OBSERVATION", Ref 4025, Index param -1 on Weather request type 5 92088 Mouse by function: RXadf90*X55cc,11 (flags=00000800), Module="ESDG_CitationX.GAU" 92088 Mouse by function: RXadf90*X55cc,17 (flags=00020000), Module="ESDG_CitationX.GAU" 96331 Exception 15 "WEATHER_UNABLE_TO_GET_OBSERVATION", Ref 4161, Index param -1 on Weather request type 5 100824 Exception 15 "WEATHER_UNABLE_TO_GET_OBSERVATION", Ref 4300, Index param -1 on Weather request type 5 103413 Mouse by function: RXae000*X55cc (flags=20000000), Module="ESDG_CitationX.GAU" 103694 Mouse by function: RXae000*X55cc,11 (flags=00000800), Module="ESDG_CitationX.GAU" 103710 Mouse by function: RXae000*X55cc,17 (flags=00020000), Module="ESDG_CitationX.GAU" 105176 Exception 15 "WEATHER_UNABLE_TO_GET_OBSERVATION", Ref 4434, Index param -1 on Weather request type 5 109669 Exception 15 "WEATHER_UNABLE_TO_GET_OBSERVATION", Ref 4572, Index param -1 on Weather request type 5 114162 Exception 15 "WEATHER_UNABLE_TO_GET_OBSERVATION", Ref 4706, Index param -1 on Weather request type 5 118514 Exception 15 "WEATHER_UNABLE_TO_GET_OBSERVATION", Ref 4843, Index param -1 on Weather request type 5 120246 Ready Flags: Ready-To-Fly=Y, In Menu=Y, In Dlg=Y 120246 Sim stopped: average frame rate for last 74 secs = 29.3 fps 125690 System time = 12/11/2009 20:58:08, Simulator time = 12:04:34 (17:04Z) 125690 *** FSUIPC log file being closed Average frame rate for running time of 74 secs = 29.3 fps Memory managed: 38 Allocs, 38 Freed ********* FSUIPC Log file closed ***********
  12. Pete: Are there any modifiers other than the 17 and 11 that we used before? Al
  13. Pete: Thanks, I'll do this but it may need to wait to next Monday as I am going out of town. What I mean by the APU Start switch "works" - it does turn on the APU but the switch just stays in the up position after I release my CH switch. I can then mouse click it to center. The same thing when shutting down the APU, the APU will turn off but the switch just stays in the down position and can only be placed in the center position by mouse clicking it to center. In other words, the switch does not self center after Start or Off like it did before. Al
  14. Hi Pete: Back with a question about Mouse Macros. Finally switched over to FSX and now have the FSX Cessna Citation (by Eaglesoft) that we discussed at length for FS9 regarding the self centering APU switch. I am using FSUIPC 4.53. I have programmed all the macros for the Citation (as I did for the FS9 version of the plane) and everything works great except for the APU self centering switch. I even have the XTIE and Engine start switches working perfect using the 17 modifier, as you discovered in our previous discussions and experiments with the FS9 plane. However, the APU switch does not work as it did in FS9 using the 11 modifier. I have the following in my Macro file: 21=APU Start=RXadf90*X55cc 22=APU Normal 22.1=RXadf90*X55cc,11 22.2=RXae000*X55cc,11 23=APU Off=RXae000*X55cc Essentially the same as in FS9 but just different #'s. When I program one of my CH throttle switches for APU Start - it works - but the APU switch does not return to the Normal center position. Turning off the APU also works but it does not return to the Normal center position. Using the same switches as I did in FS9. Any recommendation as to what I could do to further investigate this small problem? Thanks, Al
  15. You are correct. I do have two 4 port hubs and to change USB connections at this point is not an great option for me. Since I am now up and running again and I do not plan t make any additions at this point, I think I will leave well enough alone. Thanks Pete. Al
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