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  1. Thank you Guys! Yes it was my mistake! I chose British English instead of American English! Now it works almost perfect. Thank you for the quick and good Response!
  2. Hey there, I am completely new here and I bought the Game today from Gamersgate. Now...before I post my Problem my Specifications> Operating System: Windows 8.1 64bit changed from German to English System Memory: 16GB Video Card and it`s Memory: Geforce 970 3.5GB Yes I installed it many times and re-installed it even more times. :) Yes I also installed the Speech like described. My Problem: The Game starts properly the first plane is calling the Tower. Now it comes: I press on the PTT Button and my Speech Recognition (SDK from Microsoft) is on but nothing moves. After I release the PTT button the SDK turns to OFF and turns everytime back on when I press the PTT Button but he does not recognize me speaking in the microphone. When I leave the Game it is working without a Problem. He does everything I tell him. Just In-Game he does not want to recognize me speaking. What can it be? I uploaded the game.log as a zip because I couldn`t find the tower.log and thought that it might had been renamed in the meantime. Thanks for your help. game.zip
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