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  1. lluisdc


    Hi Thomas, Thank you very much for your opinion. Don't ask me how, but I run CCleaner right after switching on my PC, looked into FSUIPC.INI and all my three devices were correctly listed in the proper section of the file. Great!!! One step ahead more!!! Now let's see if the default aircraft (Baron 58) behaves correctly as yesterday the rudder was moving left and right without touching the pedals. I hope to have everything properly configured and make my first flight of this new era as fine as before. Thank you very much!! Lluís
  2. Hi all, I am reinstalling FS2004 in a new PC. This is the simulator I am familiar with and after some months without computer, I wish to enjoy flying under a known environment before facing Prepar3D. I use three devices: CH Flightsim Yoke USB, CH Pro Pedals USB and CD Throttle Quadrant (also USB connected). I have used FSUIPC from the very beginning and I think I am familiar with its configuration and usage (thanks to reading Pete's manuals). I am facing the problem that FSUIPC does not recognise those devices. As always, I have set the "AutoAssignLetters" parameter to "Yes", cleared the rest of the [JoyNames] section to allow FSUIPC to fill it automatically and I see in the INI file the following: [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=Yes 0=Unknown Device #0 1=Unknown Device #1 2=Unknown Device #2 A=Unknown Device #0 B=Unknown Device #1 C=Unknown Device #2 I have tried deleting again the section except for the "AutoAssignLetters=Yes", run FS2004 and I have always the same result in the INI file. May I have some advice from anyone to solve this issue? Thanks in advance, Lluís Sorry, I forgot to say that I am now using Windows 10 Home Edition.
  3. Good morning, Sorry for the delay, but the phone company is installing the optic fiber and we had no internet connection yet. Also, return from summer holidays usually means a lot of work on the desk. Let's go with this issue ... When I said "Do not respond correctly" is a short way to say that they did not respond at all to the actions that were assigned to. I was assigning in FSUIPC. Since I purchased FSUIPC for the first time quite long ago, I read all the manuals and followed strictly the described procedure to assign axes and buttons in FSUIPC and first of all disable the joysticks in FS. I think, well in fact I am sure, that I have solved the problem. What I did was to keep a backup of my last FSUIPC.INI that worked correctly. Then deleted the FSUIPC.INI in the Modules folder. Run FS9 and let FSUIPC create a new INI file. Then I changed the field "AutoAssignLetters" to "Yes". Then define axes and buttons to the default Mooney Bravo as generic aircraft. Then copy and paste the sections of my aircraft in the backup FSUIPC.INI file into the new FSUIPC.INI in the Modules folder and now all aircraft, axes and buttons work perfect as it should. So, from my side this topic can be closed and perhaps may be useful for other users in the future. Thank you once again for your time. Best regards, Lluís
  4. Hi all, My motherboard crashed on late May 2015. Finally today I have it again although refurbished. I have tried to make a flight with my FS2004 and I find that the axes of my devices (yoke, pedals and throttle, all from CH Products) do not respond correctly to the assigned actions, Apparently, the buttons respond as they were assigned. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate, FSUIPC version 3.999z8 and I have a backup copy of my FSUIPC.ini file although nothing has changed in it between the saved version and the actual one. Can anyone help me in some way to make the devices run correctly again without having to reassign them for all my planes? Thanks in advance, Lluís
  5. Hi, I have read the user and advanced user manuals about "profile" and I would like to read more. Is there more written information available? I would like to learn how to modify general and specific settings once created, how to return an aircraft to the "general" profile, etc. Is there something I could read without bothering anyone to explain it? Thanks, Lluís
  6. Hi Pete, After the many hours you invest in replying our questions, did you ever think about a compilation on "usual procedures" (like the "executive abstracts" that some of us prepare in our jobs) and add it to the FSUIPC manual? I always read the manuals but I believe that shortcuts like the one I am suggesting would be very useful for all users and mainly for you :grin: Best regards, Lluís
  7. Hi, I have almost the same configuration as you but now I am using Windows 7-64 bits without remarkable problems. I am at the office and have not the paper at hand, but there is a post in this forum with a precise and clear tutorial on how to configure the CH Throttle step by step. Perhaps it will help you to make sure everything has been properly done and before going beyond. I hope it works also for you. Lluís
  8. lluisdc

    CH pedals weird behaviour

    Good morning Pete and Bob, Thank you for your advise. My holidays are over and today I am back in the office, so this evening I will try to find the time to follow your indications and see what I can do. Regards, Lluís
  9. lluisdc

    CH pedals weird behaviour

    Good evening, Version 3.991 Sorry, I mean I have deleted all assignments for that device (CH pedals) and reconfigured and calibrated it "de novo" using FSUIPC but still the same weird behaviour. What I have observed is that the figures in the boxes change rather slowly and although the pedal is stopped in its forward or back position, the figures keep changing. Quoting a member of that forum called "setupcity" and in his post dated on Wed Jun 15, 2011 6:28 pm it says: ... was an fsuipc problem, actually I dealt with Pete Dawson on his forum. Unfortunately, I could not find this "original" message in this FSUIPC forum to avoid asking again the same thing. Thank you. I've found that section. Now I have to understand what does it mean and if I can modify something to make the pedals work again perfectly as always. Thank you for your time. Lluís
  10. Good evening, I am using Windows 7 (64 bits), FS2004, the latest version of FSUIPC for it, CH yoke, pedals and throttle quadrant. Everything working fine always but now, without reason, the pedals have an strange behaviour: trend to turn aircraft left. I have reassigned the axis in FSUIPC without any change. I have read a post on this: http://flyawaysimulation.com/forum/topic/37138/winzip-in-64-bit-windows-7/ which is referring to this forum, but I could not find the post where it is explained. Unfortunately, I do not understand which is the section of the FSUIPC.INI file called "axis" in that post: "...delete the settings under "axis", and start from new." Any advice will be warmly welcome. Regards, Lluís
  11. Again good morning, Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, at this moment I am unable to calibrate it on ground and for an add-on aircraft, thus perhaps more complicated for me if doing in flight. Will do my best to calibrate it. Regards, Lluís
  12. Good morning, Sorry, I did not know I had to test with default aircraft as long as I was configuring for an "external" aircraft. I never fly default MS FS2004 aircraft; only add-ons either freeware or payware. I tested the deployment of the spoilers in default FS2004 Boeing 737-400 and it worked. It did not in the North American F86 "Sabre". Will try to ask the developers hoping to have some reply. Again sorry. In my first post I said I was using MS FS2004 and thus my FSUIPC version is the latest for this simulator: 3.99 Will try to make this work both for the F86 and the B463. Regards, Lluís
  13. Good evening, Sorry for the delay but yesterday I had no time to test anything. I have focused on the F86 as it has simple spoilers without armed position and these can only be deployed or not. I have followed chapter "THE EASY STEP-by-STEP WAY ..." on pages 47 and 48 of the user manual and also the "NOTES AND EXCEPTIONS" in page 49 referred to the spoilers. After loading the aircraft I have checked that the spoilers responded to the keyboard button (left of ENTER button and above the SHIFT button) and they did. I have gone to the FSUIPC panel in the "Axis Assignment" tab, moved the lever until it has been detected, have assigned it to "Spoilers" under "Type of action required", ticked on the box left of the combo and ticked on the "Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration". Under the "Joystick Calibration" tab I have again moved the lever to make sure the figures were changing, pressed the "Reset" button, moved the lever again to make sure the figures still were changing, pressed the "Set" button, moved the lever to its forwardmost position (positive values), clicked on its "Set" button, moved the lever to its backmost position (negative values) in the notch (not fully back as for reverse; only until the notch), clicked on its "Set" button, have left the two centre values as were by default (-512) and clicked on "OK". Again with the aircraft active I have moved the lever but no response by the spoilers though they deployed if clicking on the keyboard button. I have done the calibration again and ticked the "Rev" box. No response at all from the aircraft. I do not want to try to configure the B463 as it appears to be more complicated and first I prefer to try this "deployed-not deployed" type of spoiler. In my FSUIPC.ini I can see the following: SpoilerIncrement=512 in the [General] section Spoilers=-11833,14592/16 in the [JoystickCalibration] section Spoilers=-11312,14592 in the [JoystickCalibration.NA F86 Sabre] section Also there are four more entries in other aircraft sections (DC3, DC4, AT72, B767) though I never assigned any lever to those spoilers. Any suggestion will be warmly welcome. Thanks, Lluís
  14. Good morning, Thank you Peter. Now I am at the office but will try to sort it out this afternoon when back at home and will tell you the result. Regards, Lluís
  15. Good evening, I am a pure manual reader so making questions on forums is usually my last chance. My apologies in advance if I am asking something already crystal clear. I use FS2004, CH flight sim yoke, pedals and throttle quadrant. I am flying the BAe 146-300 (ICAO B463)of Historic Jetliners Group (http://www.simviation.com/hjg/main.htm) and the North American F-86 "Sabre" (ICAO F86) of Section 8 (http://www.sectionf8.com/index.html). The F86 has lateral speed brakes which may be or fully deployed or not. The FS2004 keyboard button performs the action. The B463 (figure attached) has an air brake (same keystroke as for the F86) and next position down deploys the lift spoiler. My intention was to assign one of the levers in the CH throttle quadrant to the F86 speed brakes and also for the B463. For the former, the level full forward for air brakes not deployed and back to the notch for fully deployed. For the latter, the full forward position for the air brakes not deployed, the notch when air brake is deployed and backmost position to deploy the lift spoiler. I have tried to find the way to do this is the FSUIPC manual but I have been unable and also FSUIP has many possibilities for spoilers and air brakes and sincerely I do not know which to use for the assignements. Any help on which page of the manual or advanced user manual will be appreciated. Thank you, Lluís

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