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  1. EGXT has an afcad in MT6. I also have EGXT in UK2000 but have removed the afcad. The trafficmiliitary.bgl shows flights leaving EGXT at 17.20 hrs. I have no military planes or traffic showing up. The schedule I use is Spring 2015.
  2. I am noticing that if there is a duplicated afcad then MT6 does not create Traffic. I use UK2000 airports Vol 1-3 and I am trying to populate UK Military airbases with ai traffic. I have for example EGDL Lyneham in UK2000 but if I leave the UK2000 EGDL afcad in place I get no MT6 military traffic. If i remove it I get plenty of MT6 military traffic. My question is if MT6 does not have an afcad for a particular UK airbase does that mean I will see no military traffic? I have only a few airbases in UK that are not covered by a MT6 afcad and want to know how i could resolve that issue so that MT6 would populate the airbase with traffic.
  3. Thanks Burkhard and i will take a look and report back via this thread post. It may take a while.
  4. Hi, In my MyTraffic commercial bgl traffic file i have Skyways planes scheduled and on the ground at EGVN Brize Norton airbase plus a couple of other bases have civil planes. In MyTrafficMilitary I have military planes only which is correct Is there a way i can remove these civil planes from airbases in MyTrafficCommercial?
  5. The Adjust_AI_Sounds tool doesn't appear to work in P3D. I adjust it to for example 70% and click on Modify SoundAI config file but nothing happens. Where is the SoundAI cfg file so i can see if I can adjust it manually? The only sound cfg files I see are in the aocraft folders but have no sound setting configured. I assume there has to be a standalone sound cfg file somewhere.
  6. Thanks Burkhard for your help. I am using your notepad method and it is working well.
  7. Hi Burkhard. Is there a quicker way for me to change the "manufacturer" to "variation" process rather than having to go through each and every aircraft cfg and copy/paste the details? I would be extremely grateful if you could advise. It is a very terious process at the moment due to the huge number of planes ans cfg's, but the results are so good i want to do it.
  8. I understand your point about FSX & FSX SE but surely this is not a problem that could not be overcome. After all you could have a FSX version for people to buy and a P3D version for P3D users to buy. Either that or you still keep it a combined product as it is now and make the "little tool" as an optional downloadable tool. It does not have to be that FSX is working, but P3D is not, nor P3D is working FSX is not. I hope you will look into it and develop the tool as I know you can do it and it would be nice for the ever increasing P3D customers ( for which you were really the first AI Traffic developer to cater for P3D). Many thanks.
  9. As you know P3D does not have an option in Traffic/settings to Show airline Label whic I find disappointing as i like to know what airline i am looking at. The P3D cfg has the option to set airline labels but it doesn't work. I have FTX products and I looked at the free traffic file for FTX AU & NZ traffic. I ran it and noticed that the airline labels were showing, Air NewZealand, Eagle Air etc. I asked about how this happens in FTX AU/NZ traffic files but not seeing the airline label in MT6. It has to do with the source data having to be in the particular aircraft cfg. I took a comparison of the one FTX AU NZ aircraft and the same make/model aircraft in MT6. I immediately noticed that there was a difference. P3D allows "Manufacturer" details to be displayed and MT6 will for example under that heading ui_manufacturer= MT Boeing. In the FTX file the airline name is in the ui_manufacturer entry. I then copied and pasted the ui_variation= desription from MT6 and replaced the ui_manufacturer entry to read the same as the MT6 ui_variation= description. Sounds difficult but below i will give you an example of what i am doing. 1. Original MT6 cfg entry: [fltsim.1] title=EF2000 MyPaint01 sim=EF2000 model= texture=My01 ui_manufacturer=MT Eurofighter ui_type=EF 2000 Typhoon ui_variation=AMI 4th Stormo atc_airline=Italy Air Force ATC_PARKING_TYPES=MIL_COMBAT atc_parking_codes= description=Next Generation Fighter 2. Revised cfg entry(note the difference in ui_manufacturer) [fltsim.1] title=EF2000 MyPaint01 sim=EF2000 model= texture=My01 ui_manufacturer=AMI 4th Stormo ui_type=EF 2000 Typhoon ui_variation=AMI 4th Stormo atc_airline=Italy Air Force ATC_PARKING_TYPES=MIL_COMBAT atc_parking_codes= description=Next Generation Fighter You will now get the plane to show: AMI 4th Stormo EF 2000 Typhoon when it shows up instead of MT Eurofighter/EF 2000 Typhoon. This is a painstaking job if you want to see all the aircraft labels show up the actual airlines but I have done it on a few that appear regularly in my sim, e.g 747's. Airbus etc. Burkhard: Is there a possibility of the changes being made in the future, or is the a quicker way to do the changes I have shown solely for those of us using P3D?
  10. I have had MT6 for a while now and let it install into SSD "C" (not in Program files). My P3D is installed in SSD "J" drive. I am getting stutters when the traffic is activating ( a plane starts it's taxiing etc) and want to know if it would be better if I moved MT6 to the same drive as P3D, but not necessarily into the P3D directory. Would this assist at all in reducing the stutters as the processor would only be having to read from one drive instead of two? I have some addons on a 3rd drive so I can end up with 3 drives being read at the same time, but this has not really been a problem at all, only the MT6 stuttering.
  11. I too had thought I had done everything correct as far as adding to simobjects and scenerycfg. I had no traffic showing. I looked again and saw that in simobjects.cfg I had added my next Entry number correctly, BUT I had missed out the full stop. This is what I mean: [Entry11] Should be [Entry.11] As soon as I added the full stop I had ai traffic. A simple error, but just check your simobjects.cfg entry. May not be the cause of your lack of ai but could be.
  12. Resolved. Uninstalled Beta from a day or so ago, reinstalled Patch600. All Alaska Air & Air Alaska flights are back.
  13. In v2.5 I had Tongass Fjords installed and there were several Alaska Airlines and Air Alaska flights to and from PASI. I have MT6 and Tongass in P3Dv3 but when I go to PASI there are never any Alaska air flights. I opened up with AIP3 the MT6 Commercial flight plans.bgl and see that there are no Alaska Airline or Air Alaska flights mentioned at all. There is, and i see them, Ameristar, Hageland and a couple of other like United Express. What has happened to the Alaskan flights? I have installed the Spring 2015 schedules as I had also done in v2.5 See the attachment.
  14. Same for me. No Summer schedule showing in traffic communicator. I also put the beta into the MyTraffic folder and found it installed another folder called MyTraffic in there. Anyway, no Summer schedule available.
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