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  1. Great--thanks for the recommendations.
  2. Excellent update! One question remains--what traffic density do you suggest for the summer 2015 schedule?
  3. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post. 1) I reduced the traffic density to 38% and that seemed to take care of most of the duplicate flights bound for the same destinations. 2) I experimented with visiting KSFO, KDEN, KORD, CYYZ, KBOS, and KEWR at 6AM and at 6PM local time each. In every case, the international bank of aircraft (both US and Int'l carriers) bound for Europe were present in the early AM rather in the evening when realistically they should depart. I'm using the traffic schedule file for Spring 2015. Have you heard of this error from others, or might this be a simulator issue on my end? I don't see any apparent problems with domestic operations, with aircraft active from morning to evening and quiet from midnight to 6AM. Thanks very much.
  4. Fantastic product! I've been a longtime MyTraffic user for my AI FSX traffic. Without any difficulties, I uninstalled my previous version of MyTraffic and installed 6. All seems to be running smoothly, but I've noticed two nuances that have been bothering me: 1) At 48% traffic density, I see a lot of duplicate aircraft (same equipment and company) parked at the gates. For example, at KMIA, there are three or more AA 777 bound for SAEZ, two or more Copa 737 destined for Panama City, etc. I'm guessing that I simply need to play with the density slider thin out duplicates. 2) More troubling is the issue that I'm having with European bound international flights from the US appearing in the early AM vs their normally scheduled PM times. For example, at KIAD, United's flights to Geneva, Amsterdam, Dubai, etc. are all appearing at 6AM rather than 6PM (or later in the evening), when they should be at the gates boarding. I've seen this same issue at other large US int'l airports (e.g., KMIA). Are the times off in the schedule tables? Is there a fix that I can make to FSX to correct this timing imbalance? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!! Many thanks.
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