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  1. What have been Shakespeare‘s words?! Much ado about nothing?! Really, FS is driving me crazy. I promise, I started FS and FSUIPC several times before sending the SOS, the toggle button did not toggle. Cause of another program I restarted the PC, and without touching anything now it works as expected. Oh Lord.... Thank you so much for your quick reply and your help. I will do a complete restart before I ever post a problem here again 😞 Matthias
  2. Sorry for pushing this thread up again. I had a little WIN 10 crash and struggled the last two days with getting FS working again. Yesterday i saw the new build of FSUIPC 7 and downloaded, but the implemented "Throttel Reverse Thrust Toggle" does not work anymore for me?! I assigned a button to this function, FSUIPC shows the assignment when the button is pressed, but there is no reaction in FS. The FSUIPC.exe Version No. is always the same, but the .exe shows the 6th of October, so it should be the latest build. Anything i can do to help investigate this behaviour? Matth
  3. OMG 🤩 Just arrived after a long day in clinic, in expectation of dealing with the lua thing this evening, and now, bam, what a gift! Thank you so much, John! Tested immediately with the 747 and the Citation Longitude, works like charm! Just got airborne in Linate, will have a great trip over the Alps, watching a breathtaking sunset, and after touchdown in EDDH I will have a big smile on my face using the new function. That’s my day highlight 🤗 Great support! With compliments Matthias
  4. Hey Pete, thank you very much for the link to the subforum! Shame on me i didn't find it on my own 😞 I didn't test with all aircrafts or props. I testet the Citation, Airbus and the 747. And expecially in older planes, kicking in the reversers and apply reverse thrust by pushing the throttle lever forward is realistic, i think?! I have seen it like this on the 727, 737 and 747. With the Airbus there might be a reverse zone behind the idle position, i am not shure about that. The problem with the FS implemented throttle assignment is to assign 3 or 4 engine aircrafts to 2 throttl
  5. Thank you Pete, that‘s the way I know from many other posts. But in FS 2020, you can assign a button to activate the reverser. So you pull your throttles back, activate reversers with this button like flipping the reverse handle in a real plane, and then push the throttles forward again, but now with reversed thrust. So you can somehow „reverse“ the throttle axes by pressing a button. The problem with the dead zone is, that the Thrustmaster Hotas Quadrant is not designed to have a reverse zone. There is no stop or something like this. You easily come into the reverse zone while pulling
  6. Thank you Thomas, so I will dive into the Lua manuals I got with previous versions of FSUIPC. I already suspected, that there is no easy way to simply simulate the throttle behavior of MSFS with all the advantages of the throttle axes possibilities in FSUIPC. Project for long rainy autumn weekends, I guess 🙂 Thanks for your reply, Matthias
  7. Hey folks, first I want to say „Thank you“ for the beta version of FSUIPC 7, I have a lot of fun with FS 2020 now! But I want to ask, if there is a chance to use the throttle axis for the reversers, too? I did a forum search, but found nothing helpful. I do use a Thrustmaster Throttle, with two axes. I send them direct to FSUIPC and assigned them to throttle 1 and 2, working great so far. But with the new FS 2020, there is the possibility to toggle the reverse function. So, you go to idle thrust, toggle the reversers, and then you can apply power via your throttle axes again to add t
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