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  1. Flying near SBPA, the main southern airport I see flights from SBGR/SBGL inbound to SAEZ at FL 280 wich normally they are at FL 350,360.
  2. Just another update.. After installing the latest update, I see a small turboprop with a Australian Flag in its tail in the south of Brazil airports (SBFL, SBJV for example). It should not be there I supose. Thanks.
  3. Another one: "Kruger Air" flight 630 inbound to Buenos Aires (SAEZ), also found "kenmore air flight 0". I googled those company and had no result...
  4. An airline that fly in New Mexico and Hawaii would not likely to fly in Brazil, anyway :razz: Thanks for your answer.
  5. I enjoyed very much this program and always use My Traffic in my FSX flights. I have a couple of questions. Flying in south of Brazil sometimes I hear on ATC an airline called "Grande", but I am sure it does not exists an airline with this name. Other one, flying in this are, is something like called "Big Island" or something that does not exist either. Also I heard "Korean 0" from the ATC. Is there flight numer zero for commercial flights? Thank you.
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