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  1. alright got it. It is in FSX folder. I opend it with notepad ++ . BUt can't find the line anywhere. Except in MY Traffic Communicator. And then manage fsx steam edition / View scenery.cfg Only then I see the line: [Area.120] Title=Addon Scenery Local=Addon Scenery Layer=121 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE [Area.121] Title=MyTraffic Local=..\..\..\..\..\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=118 But I can't change the path in there and save it.
  2. alright. I will do that. So the Scenery file Is that located in My traffic folder or FSX folder it self?
  3. Hi Burkhard I found the Desinty settings and put it to 50% This is what I get now: Also what I forgot to mention was, when I added my traffic to my scenery library . I get a error every-time i start up FSX SE? See the screenshot below:
  4. Hi Burkhard, I understand what it looks like , saw it before. But what I'm wondering about is how and where to change to these settings. For example ; when I go to settings in my FSX (which is a steam edition) I only see pre-installed settings like low medium etc. As everyone is talking about percentages I'm curious how to get and where to find and adjust it. Is this an additional add-on or is there something else I need to change in FSX first? I've got my traffic 6 , this hasn't helped me sorting this out so far.
  5. Hello Burkhard. Thank you for your respond. Ok this maybe going to sound stupid. But do you mean the density settings in FSX it self? If you mean that Ive set it on High traffic.... But I've read other topics and people talkin about there desinty % Like below 50% . But I can't see any numbers like 30%,40% and 50%. It only shows me low,medium.high and verry high.
  6. Hello, Yesterday I installed My Traffic 6. ( With success ) Install was really easy to follow. But now I got a problem. I was starting up my FSX , And started at EHAM ( Schiphol Airport ) ANd the first thing that got my eye was that there almost was no AI traffic at all.. I looked around and maybe a couple of planes were standing at the gates. and with couple i mean around 6 or something. SO I closed the game again doubled check the files and everything is at his place. And yes I added to the scenery library. I even tried different schedules. But no success. also put the traffic density in fsx to medium and also high and low, but nothing. SO any idea why there is so less traffic activity ? Hope someone can help me soon. thank you Best regards Mark Screenshot at EHAM ( schiphol Airport / Amsterdam )
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