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  1. Yep, same here, I had this : "you have another FSUIPC installed (/running?) ..." a few times. I killed the "phantom P3D" process with task manager and the message disappeared. So far reloading the addons - instead of simply adding the addons entries in the dll.exe file - is the way to go. Reloaded the sim many times today without issues. It remains a very bizarre problem. Hope this helps. Mario
  2. Reloaded the following addons: FSUIPC, ORBX librairies, AS2016, MCE Left out RAAS Pro for Airbus Seems to be working for now. More tests to come.
  3. Hello Pete, FYI, I followed some threads between you and LM regarding this issue. Just to inform you that I updated P3D to HF3 (with the latest FSUIPC) and the dreadful black screen with P3D running in the background is back. Corrupt dll.xml again. The sim works after removing the addon entries. I will add them back one by one and hope for the best.
  4. Pete, Sometimes you have to take a moment, reflect and take in some perspective. Most of your posts are about solving issues. This one is about gratitude. I have been a happy registered owner of FSUIPC for a while. Your software has always been simple to use/update and the interaction with the sim is unparalleled. We often get lost with code lines and loose the fundamental aspect of why you do this. It helps us make a better sim experience. A simple big thank you, out of nowhere.
  5. Happy New Year I have an aircraft that's smack into the terminal. I posted this issue on FSDT YVR and was told it was an AI add-on issue. I have removed the CYVR bgl file in the MyTraffic\Scenery folder but have the same issue. My PNW BGL and CVX files ORBX files are turned off. Is this a MyTraffic issue?
  6. Installed with no issues! Thanks for this bit Penz.
  7. Hello / Bonjour Penz, Thanks you very much for your comments and advice for P3Dv3! If I get this correctly, we Install as per the instruction guide provided for v2.5 Localize My Traffic to P3dv3 Localize P3D v3 Manage simobject.cfg Disable the stock traffic Add the in-sim scenery Install your aircraft.zip file In other words, there's not much difference from 2.5, just pointing to the v3 folders instead. Just checking! Thanks!
  8. I recently found some P3D 1.4 registry entries that was causing issues with another add-on. Does MT6 created these keys?
  9. Hello Burkhard, I congratulate you for a great addon - the very first traffic for P3DV2 (been waiting a while for this) and great instructions for an easy install. Works like a charm with VOXATC Bought MT6 yesterday May 16, I suspect this patch will still apply to my recent purchase. Just need to confirm. Thank you kindly. Mario
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