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  1. Hello to all: First of all, software is working great which is why I want to be cautious. I would like to add a few routes to the existing database. For example, right now, I don't see any Qantas planes at LAX or Kennedy. Same with Virgin Australia. I would like to add these routes, but in my caution, I want to make sure I use the correct application to do this. I have checked the manual and to be honest, it is not quite clear on how to create them. Once again, I want to continue to use the existing database, just add a few flights here and there. Any assistance\recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 787EWR
  2. Hello to all: Have both Steam and the Box version installed. Recently started using Steam and I cannot get MY Traffic to generate anything. Followed all of the troubleshooting steps, but still nothing. This is my scenery config from FSX-SE - THis is the location of my Traffic directory [Area.129] Title=MyTraffic Local=C:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=127 My FSX.CFG from Steam [Main] User Objects=Airplane, Helicopter SimObjectPaths.0=SimObjects\Airplanes SimObjectPaths.1=SimObjects\Rotorcraft SimObjectPaths.2=SimObjects\GroundVehicles SimObjectPaths.3=SimObjects\Boats SimObjectPaths.4=SimObjects\Animals SimObjectPaths.5=SimObjects\Misc SimObjectPaths.6="C:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Aircraft" Sliders in FSX are where they should be. Scenery library in FSX-SE is pointed to the My Traffic folder under C:\my traffic(Is it supposed to be pointed to Aircraft or some other directory? Frustrating thing is the fact that it was working in the DVD version. Since I started using steam, now even that doesn't work. I also had one experience where just a few aircraft showed up(some United RJ's) but that doesn't make sense to me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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