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    FSC 10 - Vatsim data issue (answered)

    Hi Volker Having manually checked the feeds from vatsim were OK and hadn't changed I investigated FSC and its various ini files. I noted that in the urlivao.ini file holds one line: http://api.ivao.aero/getdata/whazzup/whazzup.txt Whereas the urlatsim.ini file was blank. I then put in the line http://wazzup.flightoperationssystem.com/vatsim/vatsim-data.txt into that file and all is working. I attach a copy of the VatSim_Status.txt which might be the root cause of the problem as it doesn't show the data that would normally be retrieved and does not contain the data which is displayed when entering the status url into the browser. Having manually inputted the url into the ini file for the VatSim data all is now OK for the moment but would like a more permanent solution. Regards Ray VatSim_Status.txt
  2. Hi Volke Just installed FSC 10 after many happy years of using FSC 9. All seems OK save that the downloading of the current Vatsim data is now working for me. I can get the current IVAO data OK but when I try getting the current data from Vatsim the data is always fixed at 01.03.2018 - 21:43Z. Other applications (VAT-Spy, Servinfo, VATTASTIC) are all seeing up to date Vatsim data. Details of my system as below. 1. FSX GOLD with ACCELERATION 2. FSUIPC 4.972 3. FSC in a network: No4. FS Commander: Ver: 10 Rev.2 - Build 27/02/2018 /Database Manager: Ver:10 Rev. 2 - Build 20/02/20185. Navigraph 1803 rev.1 = MAR01-MAR28/18 6. Aerosoft download version 7. Operating System - Windows 10 32/64 8. Monitors - 4 The application was installed and is run as administrator. Please let me know if you require further information or files from my setup. Regards Ray
  3. Thanks so much for the pointer, which of course was correct. I'd accidentally cancelled out the airports and ILS's on the dropdown bar. All was OK and is OK with everything visible. So many years since I'd changed anything that memory failed me where to look. Thanks once again. Ray Bad News: Time flies Good News: You're the pilot
  4. Hi All ILS's and airports are not being displayed on FSC's map. System details are: FSX Gold Edition with Acceleration Pack FSUIPC v4.936 FS Commander v9.6 rev.2 Build 03/June/2015, DB Manager v9.6 Net (Build 15/January-2015) Navigraph AIRAC 1506 Rev.2 Originally download version from your web site including the latest update Windows & Pro 64 Bit This happened just before the upgrade to FSC so I think this is not related to the update. I use SceneryConfigEditor v1.1.3 to manage my scenery and my normal procedure has been: 1. Select the required scenery for the flight in SceneryConfigEditor (including all the FSX defaults) and save 2. Start FSX and let it rebuild the scenery 3. Run DB Manager (in administrator more) to align FSC with the new FSX scenery settings 4. Start FSC This has worked fine until yesterday, No new scenery just a normal change of scenery loaded for the new flight. Have now tried with all scenery loaded so I could see the problem fully. Now all the ILS's and all the airports are now not displayed in FSC. Also, the taxiways, runways and the airport as a WP (I have that option selected in the DB Manager) are not displayed on the map. In FSC, the Airport Info tab shows all the details correctly (ILS, runways, etc.). In FSX the ILS's work correctly in the FMS's and the airports are also correctly displayed in FSX. Regards Ray

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