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  1. We could use one more player to complete the 4 players in tracon and tower.
  2. I will have to agree with this. I avoid Steam like the plague.
  3. Looking for more players to run a multiplayer game. I would essentially like to get 4 players together to run tracon and tower. I will play any seat as I am comfortable with them all. I know of one player right now and will be glad to add two more. Let me know if you are interested and I will give you my facebook name so you can contact me. THANKS!
  4. I tried your configuration and its the same thing. Takes forever to load.
  5. I suggest you dont even upgrade to windows 10. It is a horrible platform and will be nothing but a headache in the future. My opinion.
  6. This is a head start of suggestions from your loyal fans. I posted this topic to give you guys insight on what we would like to see. I realize you would rather have them in your wishlist topic, but this gives you a head start. I am getting better at tracon and I have been playing it more now that I understand it better. All of the suggestions that john made are legit and will make this game even better.
  7. I had posted this issue in the topic "Tower2011 loads slowly" Most of the airfields load fairly quickly other than DFW. You can see my PC stats below. I am not lacking on resources to play this game whatsoever. It is NOT my PC. DFW takes about 20-30 minutes to load. When it does load, it lags so badly that its unplayable. I am not sure what it is, but its not my PC I know this for a fact. You guys have been fair on some issues and you work towards a solution the best you can so I am not faulting you for this. But I would request that you guys look into a fix for this problem. The a
  8. Alright, here we are again. I do not have planes at KSEA again!! Nothing has changed since the last time I played this airfield and it was working before. Now all of a sudden it is not showing planes again. This is getting to be frustrating! Running Real Traffic Windows 7 home premium 64bit SP1 3.6 Ghz 8 core AMD 2Gb x2 GTX960 GeForce 8Gb Memory Open AL is installed as well as speech 120 Gb SSD HD 1Tb Seagate secondary HD (game runs off this HD) I have Charter Internet with 60mb connection... Rock Solid game.zip
  9. Ok, we removed the old game log and started fresh. We started the game and he started his server and I tried to connect. When it told me it failed, we both exited the game. Maybe this will help you guys see what might be the issue. Here is my game log. game.zip
  10. I am starting this topic for feelthere to get suggestions for the multiplayer game play. Its not intended for a b*&^h topic, just give the makers some feedback. Here are my suggestions: Tracon and Tower don't seem to communicate. Can we have this looked at? During game play, I notice when ground or tower hands off to one another, unless you remember which ones they were or by trying to give commands, you don't know which ones are under your control by looking at the flight strip. If you can set it up so the strip only shows to the control that is handling them would be nice. On
  11. Gonna be totally honest with you. Steam is a memory hog on machines. Their games are kind of crappy. Although I like your game, I would not recommend going to steam. I understand you want to broaden your market.. Steam is not recommended. Most of the games I get on steam are glitchy or corrupted games. Not ALL of them, but most of them. Just my opinion Terry
  12. My stats to complete this cycle are as follows..... Windows 7 home premium 64bit SP1 3.6 Ghz 8 core AMD 2Gb x2 GTX960 GeForce 8Gb Memory Open AL is installed as well as speech 120 Gb SSD HD 1Tb Seagate secondary HD (game runs off this HD) I have Charter Internet with 60mb connection... also rock solid I noticed in the root directory there is a text file named "game"... looks like the log file for network or something. I will include it here. When he connects to me and we start loading the game... I sometimes freeze after pressing start. Within the first 15 minutes of
  13. Since I first posted this issue I have done the following. Before reinstalling the game, I was instructed to upload my tower log file. It contained no data. I then installed real traffic and planes showed up everywhere and they were indeed the real traffic call signs and planes. Then I played again later on, and all add on airports lost all scheduled traffic. Only the 3 original airports had any traffic at all. I reinstalled the game and when installing add-ons I used the "install with real traffic" option. Since I reinstalled this way, I have had no issues with loading the sch
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