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  1. Agree also with @bainsey and @zangoose very weird looking, hopefully will be fixed soon?
  2. Thanks Pete and sorry for the delayed response, at the moment only the NGXu is the only aircraft giving me rough rudder movements, I touch it very gentle and will turn drastic but im not the only one from what Ive seen, is a PMDG issue.
  3. Hi @Pete Dowson sorry for the delay but family and work... Maybe I didn't provide enough info on my issue, I use FSUIPC full version for few years now so every aircraft I have is using it, I installed the NGXU recently and when I start taxiing the plane with turn drastically to the left, I do not have pedals but I use a joystick with a rudder axis, I did a reset, deleted the ini and problem solved but after few flights will do it again, nothing similar to the other 20 aircrafts that I have so maybe is a PMDG issue like you said, now they have few rudder options to setup but I need to look into it, I was just asking for the proper way to setup the rudder on this case but thanks for always responding.
  4. Hello all Hardly have any issues with FSUIPC but after installing the new PMDG NGXu I been having rudder issues on that aircraft and others constantly, please can anyone tell me how should I set my rudder since I dont have pedals but I have a joystick with a rudder axis, I also have a yoke but all is good there, all my other FSUIPC issues are fine but the rudder is giving me issues, I even deleted the .ini file from the fsuipc and same thing, thats for any help!
  5. Ok Thomas thanks much for responding, will do that. I have tons of aircrafts that I want to setup properly since I have few controllers, yoke, joystick and a throttle quadrant
  6. Hello guys, Im trying to learn more how to take more advantage of fsuipc and founded the "Controlling A Brand New Decade of Flight Simulation Hardware" tutorial, I just want to know if this is still applicable for p3dv4.5 or if any other detailed tutorials are available, thanks! here some break time at work so im reading! thanks.
  7. Hello, any update on the toper version for iOs?? tons of us will get it for sure, thanks.
  8. No to be honest I havent done that, so positive will fix the issue?
  9. Hello guys, I have a yoke for ailerons and elevators but since I dont have pedals I have a joystick to use a rudder, everything is setup inside fsuipc and all the default settings are deleted, I have an issue with the rudder, is very sensitive and i keep overshooting the taxiways or runways, how can I fix this since everything os now setup inside fsuipc? Thanks for any help.
  10. Guys I keep trying but some aircrafts will do it some wont and they are similar, for example I been able to set it up on the 737PMDG however on the 777 wont stay, the stick goes up then down again, what can I do, any videos about this?
  11. Hello guys, I have all my settings and throttles setup but I cannot figure out how to set the landing gear, so far I can only do gear down but not up, I have a 2 saitek quadrant and one of them I use it for the throttles and the second one for flaps, spoilers and gear, I been able to setup down but not go up after takeoff, can anyone help please? thanks.
  12. Ok will do, one thing I noticed if I do Send to FS as normal axis I get more options, for example wont show only ailerons, will say ailerons1, 2, 3 etc. but I can try that for sure. thanks.!
  13. Thanks John, I think I will delete all my profiles and do them the right way, also maybe like 1 profile for all turbine engines with reverse that use a yoke, then another profile for the turbine that use a joystick like the airbus, then another one for the GA'S, turboprops, etc. Thanks for all the support, FSUIPC is big, didnt noticed before since I only had the yoke but I can take advantage, now one thing though, for example I have a button assigned on my saitek throttles to turn on/off the taxi lights on the PMDG737, how can I apply those across the board or not possible?
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