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  1. Guys I keep trying but some aircrafts will do it some wont and they are similar, for example I been able to set it up on the 737PMDG however on the 777 wont stay, the stick goes up then down again, what can I do, any videos about this?
  2. ok thanks both, let me try it thanks.
  3. Hello guys, I have all my settings and throttles setup but I cannot figure out how to set the landing gear, so far I can only do gear down but not up, I have a 2 saitek quadrant and one of them I use it for the throttles and the second one for flaps, spoilers and gear, I been able to setup down but not go up after takeoff, can anyone help please? thanks.
  4. n452mk

    Calibrate on P3Dv4.4

    Ok will do, one thing I noticed if I do Send to FS as normal axis I get more options, for example wont show only ailerons, will say ailerons1, 2, 3 etc. but I can try that for sure. thanks.!
  5. n452mk

    Calibrate on P3Dv4.4

    Thanks John, I think I will delete all my profiles and do them the right way, also maybe like 1 profile for all turbine engines with reverse that use a yoke, then another profile for the turbine that use a joystick like the airbus, then another one for the GA'S, turboprops, etc. Thanks for all the support, FSUIPC is big, didnt noticed before since I only had the yoke but I can take advantage, now one thing though, for example I have a button assigned on my saitek throttles to turn on/off the taxi lights on the PMDG737, how can I apply those across the board or not possible?
  6. n452mk

    Calibrate on P3Dv4.4

    Oh God.. im a mess, never been a FSUIPC expert but can you explain shortly how to make sure every profile is calibrated? also you saw I have tons of profiles but is because I have a joystick for the airbus, military planes that use a stick and for the boeing, GA's etc I use the yoke, maybe there is a way to simplify profiles for aircrafts that use similar controls like the 717, 737, 777, 747, they all have yokes, throttles and reverse, now on those I use the joystick as my rudder so maybe thats why two rudder setups are showing? The autorudder is because I keep getting a message from fslabs saying to disable autorudder so no idea why 😞
  7. n452mk

    Calibrate on P3Dv4.4

    See both files attached, please let me know thanks. FSUIPC5.ini FSUIPC5.log
  8. n452mk

    Calibrate on P3Dv4.4

    Oh wow John, super quick answer thanks!! Yes will do that for sure, Im at work now but I be on my sim tonight and will post the files, Im eastern time US. Thanks again!
  9. Hello Pete and all, Im a P3Dv4.4 user and I have a ch product yoke, t6000 joystick and 2 saitek throttles quadrants, all connected to FSUIPC, also I have different aircraft profiles, so basically all good but I started to notice sometimes the aileron and rudders will act weird, I mean for example on the rudder I use the t6000 while im taxiing the aircraft will randomly turn left or right drastic when I just taxiing straight, also I if flying manual the aircraft will turn left or right drastic until I bring it back to the heading I was, any ideas was this can be? doesn't happen constantly but happens here and there, was thinking can be a calibrate issue but not sure, please any help will be appreciated, thanks.
  10. I see now, thanks Pete, been using FSUIPC since day one, awesome work!
  11. Ok I was able to fix the issue (i think) for some reason when I disconnected the throttles, all the default key settings on the sim came back so when I was having the reverse issues was due to a conflict I think. Thanks for the help! One quick question and I been doing this forever, for example I have a profile called "2 engines aircraft" and I use the PMDG NGX for american airlines, then if I use the southwest airlines I have to select the profile again, is that normal? I thought fsuipc will choose for me but no unless im doing something wrong, not a big deal since I been doing that for ever but just making sure. Thanks for the support.
  12. Hello guys, my first post here in a long time; first let me clarify I have a ch products yoke and 2 saitek throttles next to the other, no pedals, my issue last night was, all good during preparation for the flight, just after push back and left engine started, the LEFT reverse thrust stick was moving on and off creating the aircraft to go into reverse in and out, I tried to calibrate and restarted the pc and the sim, same thing until I deleted fsuipc, downloaded again at simmarket and installed again, I have to say I haven't had issues in a long time so this was really unexpected, I dont know what happened, all USB are connected properly, everything is clean and making contact so no idea what happened, please anyone can tell me what to do, also I deleted all the profiles I had to make sure everything was fine, after all this the PMDG 737 started properly and I was able to do my flight, any ideas please on how to solve this to avoid happens again? thanks. Efrain P3Dv4.4 i7 6700K OC 4.6 GTX1070
  13. Hello guys, new on this forum but I need some help, never had any issues with FSUIPC but now im doing some upgrades and im changing from FS9 to FSX, I purchased this product a while ago and now I dont know how to pull my key number to use it on my FSX, I can provide my email address at that time and name but I need the key, how I do this if is possible thanks !

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