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  1. Hi Gents; recently ive missed a couple of post by some of you that required support ! ive to delete some of those as there were spammed. sorry about that - hovewer - also remember that for any product sold here at simmarket - it include a TXT file with my email address - were i can also be contacted - - tabu82@hotmail.com in case i messe any of your call... take care ray

    Hi Dimitry; please check your mail box - link to v 1.1 eu vector is sent ! tx ray
  3. Hi Jens; got a bit later on your reply - i think ive lost the forum for awhile ! you done some nice jobs to got with the danvfr photorealistic ! i must say - ! regarding night textures - it was done - but it is never a easy job to do such vast area in night - therefore a compromise needed to be found for the night scenery - ray
  4. Project Improving DanVFR

    Hi Claus; i got your email - and ill send you a reply later today as i get back to my station ! ray
  5. Need Updates Links for download

    Dear Thomas; good day simmarket have version 1.1 - regarding the home page - im currently operating from http://www.fsfile.com but will keep the forum of products of mine sold from simmarket here at simflight - ray
  6. Instalation DNVF

    Dear Jurgen; if the scenery is activated - and installed - simply start from any danish airport - you should see the photorealistic now. ray
  7. Lille Vildmose in FSX

    Dear Klaus; good day ceck your mail - ive sent you a message.
  8. Instalation DNVF

    Dear Jurgen; good day I see the folder dkx_vfr at this adress: C:\Programme \Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery that is good - - the dkx_vfr folder should also include a scenery subofolder called: scenery - - where you should see the bgl files - ceck that this scenery folder is present and also include the files bgl for the scenery. all you have to do now - is to start your sim - go to the scenery library and activate the dkx_vfr folder to make it active - the path that need to be activated in scenery library is where the dkx_vfr folder is installed: C:\Programme \Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery\dkx_vfr make sure in your entry in the scenery library for the dkx_vfr folder is correct - ray
  9. Instalation DNVF

    Dear Jurgen; good day when installation is completed - you should see a folder called: dkx_vfr inside the main FSX Scenery folder at this address : C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery let's ceck this first - do you see the dkx_vfr folder?? ray
  10. test flying DAN VFR

    Hi John; if a road is missing - or a town is missing - than it must have not be there at time cowi took the images - year 2000 ray
  11. danvfr fsx

    Dear Joe; good day if you like i can send you to your mail box direct download links for the files - becouse the dvd has been produced and sold by simmarket - you have to sort that out with them. if you like the download links - you need adsl connections - if that is the case send me an email to: tabu82@hotmail.com and ill reply back to you. ray
  12. danvfr fsx

    Dear John; good day - dvd are handled by simmarket - but i try to help you out - can you navigate into the dvd - do you see the files ? ray
  13. Instalation DNVF

    Dear Jurgen; good day fsx photorealistic scenery - comes in a new bgl only format ! no more textures are required but only bgl files ! all you need to do - is to install the scenery and activate it in the fsx scenery library - and you are ready to fly it ! ray
  14. DanVFR files

    Dear Michael; sorry to hear you had problems - it was my fault - as im in the process to move the site - and left behind the disactivation of the purchase page - you can always - if you like purchase the scenery from simmarket at: http://secure.simmarket.com/product_infts_id=2404 have a good day ray
  15. A few questions

    Dear Simon; good day thanks for the positive feedback regarding danvfr ! defenetly - lots of work went into this scenery - and it is good to hear good things regarding the effort ! It is a bit of a scenery on the shade simply becouse do not recive much advertisment - but that does not mean it is not good ! have fun ray