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  1. Doing the flight plans for one of my VAs I came across a strange anomaly. I always used LBV as the designator for the ELBE VOR/DME. However I found, as happens sometimes, one of the mapping devices picked up an LBV in Florida (La Belle NDB) and showed a massive deviation from route. When I looked at the "map device" database it showed ELBE as LBE not LBV. So I looked at FSC and indeed it shows it as LBV but when I Google that radio nav beacon it says LBE is the identifier! Can anyone explain this anomaly?
  2. I have now deleted all the E Jets, downloaded them again and installed them. The problem has gone. Absolutely no idea why it was happening butit affected both the 170/190 series and the 175/195 version 2 E Jets as well.
  3. Every time I set the FMC into the 170/190, climb to cruise height then go to set the Arrival information into the FMC it wipes out my VNAV information in the flight plan completely. Everything sets up nicely with speeds and altitude information and VNAV works perfectly until I set the STAR info during the cruise when all the speed and altitude info disappears! I make sure that I activate when requested. Is this a problem in the EJets or am I doing something wrong? Many thanks for any help!
  4. Hi Volker Yes of course! Why didn't I think of that! I knew you would come up with the answer as always! Thanks again! Tony
  5. Hi Volker I have been using the new tool that "traveller pilot" has been developing using FSC to develop flight plans for the Majestic Q400 by xml format. These have all worked for me except any plan that finishes in LGKR (Corfu). When I look at my FSC in detail at this airport, by hovering my mouse over it, it reads "Corfa (with two dots over the a) and a small 1 by the side of it (like a "squared" sign would be a 2). I attach a picture so you can see. It looks like his amazing little tool doesn't like the characters though it works ok on his computer. Is this correct or do I have something wrong with my installation which of course is 9.6? Thanks as always. Tony
  6. Oh my goodness! what a plonker (sorry for the English phraseology)! I had the high altitude box ticked not the low altitude! In the words of the immortal Homer Simpson - DOH!!!! Sorry Volker, it is the heat here getting to me. Tony
  7. Thank you Volker i have no idea why mine is doing that! Tony
  8. I have been doing some flight planning for a VA using the Dash 8 Q400 which, because of its ceiling, needs to use low level airways. I have tried to use, for instance, airway L10 between HON and DVR as advised by Routefinder and the FSC map rejects the airway only allowing flying direct to! I thought maybe it was a "one direction" airways and so I inputted the reverse route and the same thing happened. So the airway is unusable? I have the latest AIRAC so it isn't that. Any thoughts anyone? Thanks as always Tony Causer
  9. Thanks Volker. So obviously it does depend on what is switched on in FSX scenery library, I certainly never realised that. The problem comes with certain airports that have had name changes or ILS frequency changes, etc it won't pick them up if it reads the original default FSX information. I think I will switch on all my scenery before running the DB Manager so it picks up all the latest information with including the AFCADs that are in in these. Regards Tony
  10. Volker I have a question about updating with the DB Manager. When the manager is combing through all your addon airports do those airports need to be switched on in the scenery library? Like many people I switch off scenery I am not using to reduce the PC workload using Scenery Config Editor. Recently I had my EHRD Rotterdam scenery switched off and FSC was showing me the old original single ILS with the old frequency of 108.30. When I switched the scenery on in Scenery LIbrary and did a fresh DB Manager update the correct information appeared with both runways having ILS and the newer, correct frequency. If this is the case I will switch all the scenery on and do a new update. Thanks Tony Causer
  11. Volker Mystery solved! Somehow a FSC9 folder had been installed in my C drive (no idea how) and the Navigraph installer had been going to it. I have now deleted that folder after cutting and pasting its contents into the actual FSC \Database folder in my E drive. This appears to work but I will keep a careful eye on it the next time I update! Thanks as always. Happy Easter! Tony
  12. I have a strange problem. I am running FSC 9.5.1 and although I update it regularly with Navigraph updates these are not showing on the FSC opening screen. My Navigraph updating tool tells me I have cycle 1503 for my FSC 8.6 and above but my FSC 9.5.1 opening screen shows it as cycle 1312! Any thoughts please Volker? Thanks Tony Causer
  13. Peter I had to come back to you and let you know that the problem had nothing to do with FSUIPC but merely my stupidity! I had forgotten that the realism of the PMDG J41 as opposed to less lifelike sims does not operate the flaps unless the engines are running to power the hydraulics and thus the flaps! It was that simple! Sorry to bother you but thanks anyway for the advice. Tony
  14. Thanks Peter I will have a good think about your reply before deciding what to do. Very much appreciate your product and your support. Tony
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