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  1. Sorry, I'm new here. This should fix it: Marek
  2. I have the same problem with the same version (I had it with 8.3 as well). I can download NAT without problems but no success with PACOT... :(
  3. Hi, I have the same problem with PMDG 747, FSUIPC and ASX. When I get into a turbulence, my aircraft just swings to one side and the autopilot does not react on it (when I try to level it with a yoke, the autopilot disconnects and I get an error message "Extensive column *something*, I do not remember exactly). In that case I have to fly the aircraft manually as long as the turbulence occurs and when it is gone I can connect the autopilot again (and it puts the airplane back to LNAV path). I am using: FSX w. Acceleration Pack PMDG 747 w. SP 2.1 FSUIPC 4.28 (wind smoothing enabled) ASX w. SP3 (wind smoothing and stabilization disabled)
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