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  1. I am going to answer my own question, it is me that doesn't understand the time zones. I was forgetting the GMT time zone changes in summer. Sorry to have been a pain doh!
  2. There is similar thread to this where a guy says STB is 2 hours in front, you say that STB gets it's time from the simulator. So if I set the sim to 90.00 why is STB an hour in front and on other occasions it is right, to my mind it's acting random. Here is an example, ai flightplan set for 10.10 but when I go in the sim STB has it set for an hour later.
  3. Thanks Aussie, I said in my first post I make an ai flight plan in AIFP with the GMT setting and as I said sometimes when I go in the sim to view that ai STB is at the correct time (GMT). Then another time I go to view an ai I go in the sim at the GMT time but STB is an hour in front and not at GMT. Col.
  4. Yes I realise that but like I said sometimes it works as it should, I select the time and the STB displays the ai aircraft, another time I select the time but STB for some reason goes an hour in front. So if the ai flight is 09:00 GMT I select a few minutes in front in the sim and STB goes to that time. Another instance I select 09:00 GMT but STB is set at 10:00. Anyway seeing as it isn't supported I'll have to live with it. Col.
  5. When I create an ai flight plan I use the UTC (Greenwich Time). I go in the sim and when I want to view the ai I select the UTC time, connect to the airport and the ai is there. Now another time I go to view an ai I select UTC but the STB is an hour in front, so I have to reset the time in the sim to view the ai, this happens a lot, sometimes STB connects at the right time the other times it's an hour in front, is there a setting I may have missed in STB? I'm using version 3.2 by the way, two reasons I don't update is, this version has been very stable plus I don't want all those lo
  6. Following on from this, I have created a few more water base airports for my AI seaplanes, before I can view them I have to go in the configuration and make runways and find airports. It works every time no problem, what I'm asking is when I run the configuration, it scans every airport when all I've done is add one, I thought there may be a way of just adding that one instead of it having to go through the full scan again. Col.
  7. I as just playing around with Super Traffic View Board, I added the default 737 panel to the Flying-W invisible aircraft.I selected an ai MD80 that was due to depart, I followed it taxiing to the runway then it took off.my first attempt wasn't that good, I could only follow as if I was in another aircraft.Second attempt was slightly better, I changed the view to main panel then I was in the cockpit, I still had the ai in front of me, I selected the GPS then cancelled it and the ai was no longer in my view but I was flying in the cockpit, I could hear ATC and as it directed the ai to turn I tur
  8. Thanks Simon, I clicked the schedule column and that fixed it, I didn't know about that. My version is I did an update a while ago and for some reason things went wrong, plus all it seemed to do was add aircraft logos which I wasn't bothered about, so I switched back to this version which was/is running stable so I left it. Col.
  9. Just lately the flight times are not in time order, the screen shows the departure flights all jumbled up, the aircraft departing in the next few minutes are right at the bottom if I scroll down plus they too are jumbled with later aircraft. Before I got the imminent departures at the top all listed in order, is there a setting to put it right, I did try the reconfiguration thinking that might cure it but it didn't, any help appreciated. Col.
  10. Hi Simon, It is not really an AI, it's a MAAM Sim DC3 Amphibian, I lowered the floats to hide the wheels, I've done that with a few Amphibians, this one was really a flyable but I doctored the cfg. I have a few flyable sea planes that I doctored to use as AI as well, on a side issue I made a few water AFCADS for FS9, I tried to change them to work in FSX, then after a bit of trouble I just left them as they are in FS9 format and they worked no problem, I used the old AFCAD program to make them, just simple ones with parking and taxi to runway, named them X*** like the one above is next to
  11. My apologies, the error was my own doing. I slightly modified this particular aircraft and in doing so I had the aircraft.cfg backed up, it was the aircraft in the backup I selected instead of the one in the modified cfg doh! Anyway it all works now, selected the sea base with STB then there she was sat on the water ready to taxi .
  12. Hi Simon, The PC I use for FS I'm waiting for the power pack to arrive, I recently had to re-install FSX and not yet got Traffic Toolbox sorted yet. Sorry if my post was a bit sketchy, I'm hoping it comes today then I will get on to it, thanks for the reply by the way, I'll have to put this on hold till I'm up and running. Col.
  13. I created some new water airports for my sea planes, I did the find runways and airports in the configuration. I go the the sea base and TVB found it no problem, but no departure aircraft, I selected Arrival and the arrival flight was there but later on. So I went to the other sea base and again no departure, I click on arrival and it was listed for the other base. Now my next problem is mine not yours, I was about to write this post when my PC died, I think it's the power pack, I'm on my laptop at the moment so can't do any more testing yet till it's sorted. Col.
  14. Hi Simon, yes it was you, I remember as soon as I saw your name, thank you again by the way for the help you gave me back then, you spent a lot of time with me as I recall. I have FSX with Acceleration box version, so will the STB P3D work with my setup? As for the diversions if I recall I think we said something like as the aircraft got near to it's destination the diversion would be the nearest airport or something like that, I realise it would be a lot of work but if it isn't possible I understand, it was just a thought back then to add some more realism to the sim. The STB I
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