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  1. so do you think it would be smart to get the patch, or would I be getting more problems?
  2. I just installed the software and I don't think I downloaded a patch. Where would I find it? Also my traffic settings are in the mid 30's (don't know the exact number because I'm not at my computer right now) and it seems to be crashing at all times of day.
  3. Hello, I bought my traffic 6 and ever since then i have been flying in hawaiia and been recieving the error message Microsoft Flight SImulator has stopped working. The game freezes up and i have to stut the game off. Now i have been using FSXSE on my new computer for anput 60 hours and never got this error until i bought this product. It seems to most;y happen when I am departing out of Kahului airport runway 2 going west towards HNL (LAT: N21°1.03° LON: W156° 34.11°), but also happens while I am in mid fight between the islands. Please help me so I can start enjoying FSX again! Thanks
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