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  1. I am not presently a registered user of FSUIPC but I am considering purchasing it in order to work with the LUA scripts. At one point I thought I read that there was a limit to the number of buttons that FSUIPC could access per device. I have a Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle which has in excess of 30 buttons/switches. Is there a limit to what FSUIPC can access or would I be able to access all of the functions of the device. Kind regards, Brett
  2. Got it working in P3Dv3 following one of the guides. The only "problem" I am having is that when I load a flight all of the AI are at airports and there are appear to be none already intransit. I don't recall it being this this way when installed in 2.5. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks, Brett
  3. Hi, I am considering purchasing this product but wanted to know what to expect with regards to GA traffic, particularly at non-towered airports. Should I expect an increase in GA aricraft flying around these, calling out their positions over the frequencies shared but airports in a region or will they be there and just silent. It can get lonely flying around non-towered airports, but the scenery is gorgeous :-) Any insight is appreciated
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