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  1. I also bought My Traffic 6, quite a while ago actually, I nstalled it, and then I uninstalled it and went back to World Of Ai, because I wasn't happy with it, but today I did a fresh install of Windows 10, a fresh install of FSX: SE, and I decided to try out My Traffic 6 again, but I still have the same problem, and I didn't think about asking for help about it before now, actually. Here it goes, when I taxi towards the runway at, let us say Aerosoft Oslo v2, with Airline-sliders at 40, the taxiway is just besides of the runway, I can see planes land, but...the problem is that they land without the landing-gear out..and for me that just looks to unrealistic. I've done everything tha​t the manual says regarding the installation (I love the installation btw, it let's me have the My Traffic-file on my SSD-disk, and it really improves my FPS from around 20, and up to 35 at airports with Airline-density at 40, instead of World Of Ai where I had the density set at 20, and still just got about 18 - 20 FPS at addon-airports). :) But I really don't know​ what I can do to see the landing-gear on AI-traffic, I also witnessed planes parked at the gates, floating in the air, without the landing-gears. I'm really impressed of ​the improved FPS though, and I really want this program to fully work :) BTW: This might be the w​rong thread for this kind of problems, but I'm new to all this "asking for help"-stuff.
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