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  1. Thank you! followed the checklist and sorted it out... found a mistake in the MyTraffic simobject path
  2. how should I progress now I know there is a problem with the simobject / programdata files?
  3. I do indeed now see a320s everywhere... What should I do from here. I followed the instructions from before and added the mytraffic entry to simobject.cfg in programdata folder.
  4. yeah I renamed the file .off and .passive but both renames left me with no traffic
  5. hope someone can help me... I have followed the instructions but haven't been able to get any planes on the ground in p3d v3. I changed the simobjects.cfg folder and added as in the original post. In the communicator very little happens. I have added the MyTraffic folder from my C Drive but no planes. It seems to give me general traffic but I cannot see any airlines. I can also see that the mytraffic scenery is working as it overlays some of my addon scenery. But no ai airline traffic
  6. Can anyone give any suggestions for moving the traffic from OTBD to OTHH on p3d v2.5 with mytraffic 6? Can't get it to move by following these instructions so far... any help would be really great
  7. Any update for how to move the traffic from OTBD to OTHH? I have so far been unable to get the AI to move to the new scenery
  8. Hello, I have also purchased taxi2gate OTHH and I have followed the instructions in this thread for using My Traffic Editor. However, I havent been able to move the traffic from OTBD to OTHH at all. I have also downloaded the patch so that the editor doesn't get stuck on the loop stage but still the traffic stubbornly remains at OTBD. I am using P3D v 2.5 If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.
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