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  1. Deploying Reverse thrust

    I've checked the eJets configuration utility and there is nothing there relating to Reverse thrust. There are only three items that you can assign a button to in the utility (TCS, autopilot disconnect and TO/GA) and none of them relates to Reverse Thrust. I suspect this is a bug in the aircraft model.
  2. Deploying Reverse thrust

    I have a button on my throttle panel assigned to operate reverse thrust. The equivalent key to deploy reverse thrust is F2 - throttle decrease quickly, and this appears to work on the eJets, but the button I have assigned has no effect in the eJets, though it works as I expect on other planes - changing the noise from the engines and showing the relevant visual effect on the engines. How can I make this button work on the eJets?
  3. Operating the speed-brake

    I have a button on one of my controllers assigned to operate the speed-brake. This assignment was made using the Settings->Controls feature of FSX. This works satisfactorily in all my other planes, but does not work in the e-jets. Using the keyboard / character does operate the speed-brake correctly. Is this a bug or is there a setting somewhere in the eJets configurator to enable a button on a controller to operate the speed-brake. Related to this is the arming of the speed-brake (using Shift-/ is the standard way of doing this in FSX), so the speed-brake deploys automatically when the landing gear touches the runway. It appears that this has no effect in the e-jets. How is this supposed to work in the eJets?
  4. I've just updated my installation of FSX Booster to Version 2.6 I find that the option to set the FSX Process priority (options would be Below Normal, Normal and Above Normal) is greyed out, with the option "Below Normal" selected - though I have never had this option set to Below Normal in my previous installation (V2.5). Why is this option not available in V2.6 and will this have any impact on the performance of FSX (Steam Edition)?