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  1. zimmerbz


    That seemed to do it. I think I figured it out! Thanks so much.
  2. zimmerbz


    Thank you. One last question as I am looking through the manuals, etc. Regarding the brakes, I picked them in the Axis control page for left brake, right brake. Per my message below, this reversed my brakes to where I had the opposite deflection happen. Per your advice, I ticked the reverse button in the calibration area. When going into the sim after clicking that, the brakes don't work at all. Did I miss a step? Thank you for your help and patience with me!
  3. zimmerbz


    Thanks. What is the most recent version? I am running 4.2 and want to make sure I am on the most recent version of FSUIPC.
  4. zimmerbz


    Thank you. I will play around with it. Where might I locate the most current manual? Also, for those using the FSLabs 320, do you know of any preferred settings through FSUIPC that I should be using? Thanks again!
  5. I was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction as to how to properly set up my stick axis' for elevator and aileron control, twist axis on the stick for ground steering, as well as rudder control. I want to keep my throttle as is and also allow the button assignments on my stick to keep my views set up through Chaseplane. I also want them to be correctly calibrated via FSUIPC. I've seen some steps and I think I have it right but want to make sure this is the way to go. 1) remove all axis controls I don't want P3D controlling for the stick and rudder (make sure I keep stick enabled in P3d if I don't want it to be completely shut down) 2) go into FSUIPC and go to axis - from there load the current profile I have set up for the FSLabs plane After this step, I am a little lost as to what I need to do to correctly get this set. Can someone point me in the right direction? FSUIPC is a great tool but seems to have a lot more than I need at this point so if there are any bullets or steps to do this that would be appreciated. I tried doing it yesterday but when I pressed the brakes, they would only stay pressed. Almost as if they were doing the opposite. When I tried to do the calibration, the movements on the aileron, elevator, and tiller were WAY too fast and not smooth. I am clearly doing something wrong. Thanks! Thanks
  6. Can someone point me in the direction of how I can easily set up reverse thrust on my Warthog Throttle, specifically for the Aerosoft Airbus X Extended? My throttles are working fine but I have no clue on how to set up reverse thrust. Thanks!
  7. zimmerbz

    CTD W/FScene!! (solved)

    1. Install FScene 2. Run config and get an error 3. Boot FS 4. Load flight at night = good to go 5 Load flight at day = CTD 6. D/l TexPand 2 and go back to my original everything 7. Copy all original files back over 8. Boot FS, run day flight = good 9. Reinstall FScenne 3, vol 3 update, and 4 10. Run config 11. Add my Ult Terrain textures 12. Add my Active Sky textures back 13. boot fs, night flight = good 14. switch to day= CTD My CTD's seem to happen right around the 53% mark. I have never experienced this with any other add on and have been running AS6 and UT since it came out. Please help out. I do not want my hard work to go down the drain!
  8. zimmerbz

    ADVDISP Problem

    Sounds good. I'll give her a try tonight. Thanks!
  9. zimmerbz

    ADVDISP Problem

    Where do you suggest I search? Search via ADVDISP or vid cards? I am not to tech savy so hopefully I can get this ironed out. Thanks! Brad
  10. I was wondering for some guidance here. I have the new RC4 (which I love). I have a registered copy of FSUIPC. I also d/l'd the latest copy of ADVDISP from Peter's site. I am flying with 737PIC, but problem came up with the default plane. When I load ADVDISP, 90% of my screen is black, except for the ADVDISP square and about a 1/2 inch line at the top of the screen. I need to left click the mouse on the black part and wiggle my mouse to activate my window, enabling full screen. From here, I dock ADVDISP and load RC4. Things look normal from here. I get ATIS, ect. Now, when trying to access my FMC or my other panels, I cannot. I need to left click and wiggle again. My frame rates also drop a lot. The only thing I can do to fly is turn off ADVDISP and use the "green box" to use RC4. This makes my menu impossible to read, disabling me from using majority of RC4's functionality (because I cannot read the menu). Does anyone have any suggestions? I am using a Nvidia Geforce 6800GT 256 mb, 1gb memory, and a 3.0 processor. Something should be able to be fixed. Any suggestions? Brad

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