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  1. Piper9t3

    No Traffic at Corfu

    I have tried installing the 6.0a Beta but not sure if it installed ok. Is there any way of verifying that 6.0a installed ok into P3Dv3?
  2. Piper9t3

    MyTraffic 6.0a public beta

    Hi New to MT6 which I purchased on Nov 1. I have manually installed it into P3Dv3 using the instructions from a previous thread. I want to install the 6a beta and read in this thread about ' localizing ' MT6. What does this mean? Not quite sure what the communicator is suppose to do as I have only P3Dv3?
  3. Piper9t3

    No Traffic at Corfu

    New to MyTraffic 6 which I purchased on Nov 1 and installed into P3Dv3. Jut got FlyTampa's version of Corfu and notice there is little to none AI traffic at the airport. I get only one A320 sitting on the tarmac if i max out P3Dv3 traffic slider to 100%. As this is not a major hub, I decided to set time and season to summer but still no real presence of AI traffic. I have even disabled the addon scenery to see if the stock Corfu airport would get more AI but its the same. Not sure why but it seems MT6 does not want to populate this airport? Is it real world airline schedule driven? Any suggestions to increase the amount of AI traffic at Corfu would be much appreciated. Thanks

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