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  1. Before purchasing this, I would like to confirm if this will work with custom AI sound packages such as WOAI, SPAI, or any other AI packages out there for P3D?
  2. Will this work for any AI planes or only the ones in UTL? I am interested in this, but is there any video of it in action so we can see or get a sample of how it sounds?
  3. Does anyone know if this still works for the latest My Traffic Pro 6a? I would love to have AI traffic at Kai Tak in P3D v4.
  4. Will there be any updates to MyTraffic 6 to make it 100% compatible with the new 64bit P3D v4? I've heard that it works with P3D v4 with some adjustments, but was curious to know if the addon needs to be recompiled for 64bit in order to get the most out of it?
  5. Sorry to hear that, hope you get well soon and thanks for this great add-on!
  6. One thing that has been bothering me is that if you notice, the planes seem to arch when taking off instead of flying up in a straight linear path. Can this be somehow be fixed?
  7. Looking forward to the next version! Hopefully the aircraft lighting can be enhanced, because right now, you can barely see them at all, even at night. I really miss the aircraft lights using the A2A 3D Redux lights when I was using UT2 in FSX back in the day. Other than that I hope that in the next version that things can be further optimized, especially VAS usage. If you can somehow optimize the AI planes to use less memory, would be a miracle!
  8. Burkhard please see what you can do to make this happen, it really brings the AI to life when the lights on the aircraft are visible. Especially when flying at night. I miss this from Ultimate Traffic 2+A2A Shockwave 3D lights mod back in FSX. Would be a joy to get this working in P3D v3.x. :)
  9. Really? Awesome! I didn't know this. I will check it out. Thanks :)
  10. I know it was possible with othe traffic add-ons such as Ultimate Traffic 2, but could this be done with MT6?
  11. Ahh so this is a P3D problem. Would be cool if you can somehow add A2A's shockwave 3D redux lights to all the AI aircrafts in MT6. I was able to do this when I use to fly back in FSX and the lighting looked spectacular. You can clearly see all the detailed lighting on the aircrafts, the red and green strobes blinking on the wings and other lights really stood out clearly. Here's hoping that LM can fix this so we can have nice lighting for the AI aircrafts in MT6.
  12. I am currently using P3D v3. But the AI lights when departing or coming in for approach to the airport are barely even visible. I'm not sure what's wrong. But I remember the AI lights were very bright and you can easily see them in the sky. I hope this lighting issue gets fixed. I love the program, just needs some adjustments.
  13. Thanks for this update! Hopefully it will solve some lighting issues with the AI aircraft for P3D v3.
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