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  1. Ok, I managed to download the update V3.3.5 and to register correctly. Everything is fine now. Patrick
  2. Hi Nikola, I've just installed toper B777 from SimMarket (TOPER777v3.0_Setup.exe), but the program stops working before I can enter the product key. I tried to download the update (V3.3.5), but my serial key is not recognised (SimMrk-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-3268). When I execute Toper, I get the splash screen (Toper B777 calculator v3.0.4) en then immediately the error : "Toper 777 ultimate has stopped working" : Problem signature: Problem Event Name: CLR20r3 Problem Signature 01: TOPER B777.exe Problem Signature 02: Problem Signature 03: 540d0242 Problem Signature 04: Syst
  3. Hi Pete, It took a long time, but I have identified the program eating the CPU cycles as the GoFlight bridge (GFDevP3d.exe). I mean that without having this program started automatically (via the exe.xml), then the loading of the scenery is normal. It is probably related to the high number of GoFlight devices as not all of them are recognised in the GoFlight config program (although they all light up at boot time). It seems that the new Intel USB 3 controller does not accept as many devices than before (I did not have this issue with my previous machine). Thanks again and have a great ho
  4. Hi Pete, thank you for investigating this as it is indeed really intriging. Let met repeat my scenario with FSUIPC enabled (and excuse my poor English): . start P3D v3.1 with default start scenario . Start scenario window appears in less than 10 seconds . Click OK to launch the flight. Window "loading terrain" appears for less than 10 seconds and P3D is then ready to fly. . Click on menu option and change the time to system time and click OK . Windows "loading terrain data" appears and stays there for 10 minutes with CPU at 100%, before showing the Aircraft
  5. Hi Pete, the FSUIPC4 log was included in the first post. The only thing I see in the log is a big elapsed time (+- 10 minutes when time is changed): .... 733 SimConnect_Open succeeded: waiting to check version okay 733 Trying to use Simconnect Prepar3D 3229 Running in "Lockeed Martin Prepar3D v3", version 3229 Initialising Simconnect data requests now 3229 FSUIPC Menu entry added 3229 ...Prepar3D-Default.fxml 3229 ...Raptor.air Here I change the time from the menu 16833 system time ... simulator time... 17847 Starting everything now ...
  6. Hi Pete, I've attached the FSUIPC4.ini and Wideserver.log, although I did not start the wide client on my network. As far as I know, I'm not using any LUA programs yet. This is a vanilla install in Windows 7 Pro 64. Very weird, but it occurs systematically every time (2d/subsequent loading). Patrick. FSUIPC4.ini.txtWideServer.log.txt
  7. Hi Pete, I've got a very strange issue with P3D version 3.1 and FSUIPC4 version 4.949 : When I start P3D (no add-ons installed), I have the default start up scenario is less than 10 seconds. From there clicking OK, the window "loading terrain data" appears and the default F-22 aircraft appears on the runway in about 10 secs. If I then go to the world/Time and season/Reset to system time/OK, the window "loading terrain data" appears and stays for about 10 minutes before the aircraft appears on the runway. (same also happens when changing the airport/aircraft). This does not happen wit
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