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  1. Hi- I'm running STB on a laptop with the data server on my PC. Everything works fine except the time is 2 hours off (early). I'm not sure where STB is getting this as I can't find a time setting anywhere. Thanks, Mark
  2. I thought that might be the case but decided to check anyway. Cheers, Mark
  3. Good morning- First, thanks for a great program. Now that I have a rig that can actually run ai at moderate settings, I'm finding STB quite valuable. One small question, I'm using the beta AIG manager that works really well; lots of traffic pretty quickly. When I open LittleNavMap, I see ai way far away from my selected airport. Is there a way to reduce that distance to say 5-10 miles from the airport and when that particular ac reaches that limit, it disappears? I'm thinking about the computer resources being used to monitor and maintain ai aircraft I don't even see. Than
  4. Here you go... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EVtRuSSddeOq-0uzomyeR7WeLgFqGKI3
  5. Hi- Just got STB installed. Trying to optimize by volume. I keep getting the error message, "AI traffic cannot be optimized when P3D is paused." When I click on the STB window, of course it pauses the sim :>) What's the trick? :>) Thanks! Mark
  6. Posted a couple of days ago. Has that been approved yet? Thanks, Mark
  7. Hi all- Just bought the new Carenado C90 GTX. I've got a Hotas Warthog throttle unit where the right side (lever) controls the throttle and the left side (lever) has not been assigned for anything. When I go into control assignments in P3D V3, propeller axis one and two are both there for each engine. I've tested one prop axis by assigning the left lever to it and it works, for that prop axis only. What I need to do is to combine both those two prop levers together and assign them both to the one available lever on the HOTAS throttle controller. Can FSUIPC be used to ac
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