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  1. Hello, I have P3Dv5 and MSFS 2020 installed. When I start MakeRwys from my P3D main folder, it also scans the MS Community folder. Which might not lead to the desired result. Is there anything I can do to scan only P3D folder and P3D Documents Folder ? Mike
  2. No problem, as I have FSUIPC6 on my Home Cockpit PC, just on my Laptop it wasn't installed. I'm afraid I still need some starting help. I have put AllTExts.lua in the FSUIPC6 folder, I see 1=Alltexts is written in the LuaFiles section in the ini file. Nothing happens in P3D though. I also can't see it in the Logs. Yesterday in FSUIPC5 an alltexts.log was generated after enabling Lua logging. Now in FSUIPC6 it's not. Mike
  3. Pete, I'm trying to understand the docs, and thought in parallel I let Alltexts.lua run just to see what it does. However, there is an error in the logs "117422 *** LUA Error: H:\Prepar3Dv4\Modules\Alltexts.lua:88: attempt to index global 'wnd' (a nil value)" That's FSUIPC 5.157 on my Laptop with P3Dv4. Is there anything additional I need to do ? Mike
  4. Thanks Pete for the fast answer and encouraging info. I'm using P3Dv5. Now that sounds like a really neat option. I'd indeed have some rectangular space on the upper ECAM display, approx. 10*3cm physically, to display the menu. Do I have influence on the font size to squeeze the menu in there ? Anyway, I''ll have a detailed look at the AllTexts.lua script and event.textmenu function when I return home. Thanks again Mike
  5. I have a complete A320 home cockpit, currently running with FSLabs. I can do the complete GSX flow from the hardware, but of course I still get the GSX menus on the main scenery beamer. Not very immersive. I'm currently running everything from one PC, but would have a second PC available for networking. I was wondering, is there any chance, maybe via WideFS, to use LUA scripts to avoid these menus popping up ? I have never used LUA scripts before, so sorry if this might be a stupid question. Mike
  6. excellent, thanks for info. Glad it could be sorted out ! A plane needing that full range and a Sync user, probably a rare combination :-). I'll post some instructions in the FSLabs forum after the new versions are out. Thanks and keep up the great work ! Mike
  7. Both ! But that's only in the A320, axis logging in flight mode works in all other planes including the PMDG 777. Seems FSLabs has suppressed the logging ? that´s fine, I also don't have that much time until the weekend. For now I have just copied the 777 sync line to the A320, that gives the best results so far. There are some threads in the FSLabs forum currently left at "FSUIPC calibration' doesn't work". Besides my setup, would be also nice to post a solution/instruction there maybe 1-3% was a bit optimistic, I looked at it again, over the range it's also
  8. I have enabled Axis logging, and Console window, but I do not see any values appearing in the console window when I move the throttles. Do I have to set anything additionally ? Anyway, have updated to 5.122 now and started again. So I press SET for both throttle1 and 2 in the Idle and Max position. I can observe IN and OUT changing more or less simultaneusly over my entire range -16213 to 16317. Looks good. Now with both throttle 1 and 2 in Idle Position I press sync. This time it writes 0/129 in the file, not 12/23. From then on OUT is in disorder, doesn't make sense to store anymore Syn
  9. Hi Pete, >> Well, what is the point of moving only one throttle? just for testing purpose and to make the behaviour more clear. After each sync click I look in the ini-file again Throttle 1 and 2 at idle. Sync stores 12/23. Now I move only throttle 2 and would expect to see the second value increase. It doesn't, up to the medium position I still get 12/23. During all that IN and Out values change symmetrical. So four Sync clicks while moving the throttle from idle to medium gets four times 12/23. If, again for testing purpose, I keep throttle 2 at idle and move
  10. It really puzzles me. I have both levers in Idle position and sync reads 12/23.Just for testing, then I move only Throttle 2 up to the medium position and Sync still reads 12/23. Then above the medium position up to the max position it begins to increase up to 12/128. If I do the same with Throttle1, Sync values increase linear over the entire range. Even with Airbus specialities in mind or FSLabs custom stuff, it still doesn't make sense. I'll double check the throttles are deactivated, not only unassigned in P3D Mike
  11. Hi Pete, yes, works fine in the PMDG over the entire range. No erratic behaviour at all. Now, in the FSLabs, if I remove the Sync line, it works over the entire range as well, of course with the levers out oy sync discrepancies. But no erratic movements. For me it looks like the sync function introduces the problem. If you look at the Sync values for the A320, for the first four values covering the range from idle to approx. middle position, the value remains at 23 for throttle2. From medium to full you see big increments to finally catch up with throttle 1 at max. position. S
  12. Hi Pete, bit too early celebration. Now with UseAxisControlsForNRZ=Yes I get the full range -16384 to 16383. Just the Sync function leads to weird results. I just do the same syncronous lever movement and Press Sync at various positions. When I do the same in the PMDG 777 and in the FSLabs A320 I get this : PMDG 777: SyncSlopeThrottle2=9/10,21/22,36/36,53/54,68/68,80/80,92/91,105/104,116/116,127/128 FSLabs A320 : SyncSlopeThrottle2=12/23,34/23,54/23,76/23,90/52,105/83,127/128 Without FSUIPC calibration, moving the thrust levers simulaneously leads to thru
  13. Sorry, I am not that language perfect, occasionally need a bit longer to understand english manual text. Thanks for making it more clearer ! I was not aware I could store it aircraft specific. Good to learn how powerful FSUIPC is ! Anyway, works fine now !
  14. Hi Pete, ouch, sorry, I typed the previous message not from my FS PC, so I forgot the ini file. It's attached now. Thanks again for the info, also regarding the resolution. So probably I should define the detends now and check how it handles during flight. I'm a little bit lost after reading the manual excerpt you posted, but will try to understand it. That way, would it also then take the Sync values into account ? Mike FSUIPC5.ini
  15. Hi Pete, first of all thanks for the insight. I think I have understood the problem now it's the FSLabs A320. They have their own calibration tool to define the detend zones. They also have a range display. Without FSUIPC calibration, apparently with the standard -16384 to 16383 range, I see the range between -1.000 (idle) and 1.000 (max). Between this range the detend zones are defined. Now if I use the FSUIPC calibration (I understood I have to to get the Sync functionality), I get a range of 0 to 16383, as you mentioned. Now in the FSLabs tool I see the range between 0 and 1.
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