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  1. There isn't a direct way of knowing that you are connected to XPUIPC, however, I noticed that when you are connected to XPUIPC, FSUIPC_FS_VERSION reports SIM_FSX and FSUIPC_VERSION reports 5 (which is impossible). So here is the code: bool isCom1Selected, isXPUIPC; isXPUIPC = (0x0f & (FSUIPC_Version >> 28)) == 5 && FSUIPC_FS_Version == SIM_FSX; if(audioSelection & 128) isCom1Selected = true; else isCom1Selected = false; if(isXPUIPC) isCom1Selected = !isCom1Selected;
  2. Thank you so much! This what I need. Thanks for pointing out the correct way.
  3. Hello, I am using offset 3122 to read the selected COM. This is the code I use: byte audioSelection; FSUIPC_Read(0x3122, 1, &audioSelection, &error); int comSelection = 0; if(audioSelection >= 128) comSelection = 1; else comSelection = 2; This works well with FSX (And P3D I assume, I didn't test it on P3D). However, with X-Plane 11 and XPUIPC, I got it flipped (COM2 instead of COM1, and vice versa). Is there any way to get it right?
  4. After playing a lot, here is working code: byte audioSelection; FSUIPC_Read(0x3122, 1, &audioSelection, &error); int comSelection = 0; if(audioSelection >= 128) comSelection = 1; //Com 1 else comSelection = 2; //Com 2
  5. Hi, I am using C++ SDK. I am not familiar with bits system. I want to read radio audio switches (offset 3122). Could somebody provide an example? I want to check which com is selected.
  6. I know. But E175/E195 for example needs FSUIPC to a function weather radar. Is this option will affect it?
  7. Thank you so much, it works now! But this option isn't gonna to affect weather radars based on FSUIPC?
  8. I tried but no success. As you have mention weather, I was using FSXWX which replaces default FSX\Weather\wxmapping.bin file. I restored the default file before install ASN.
  9. Hello, I recently purchased Active Sky Next from Steam. But every time I load the simulator into Southern America airports (I've tried on SBCT, SOCA, SOOG, stock airports) the simulator works for 5 seconds then freezes and crashed. It works perfectly in Middle East. The issue doesn't happen when I disable FSUIPC from dll.xml. I've contacted ASN support and they point me here. I start the simulator with ASN launched and select the SOCA as airport with the default A321. The FSX works for just 5 seconds before it's freezes. Then AS Connect error message shows in ASN then FSX crashes. The event viewer message is incorrect. When the issue occurs for first time the faulting module name was fspassengersx.dll_unloaded. I thought the problem was from FsPassengers so I disabled it and start the simulator again. This time the simulator crashed without any error message, which means the problem wasn't from FsPassengers. I noticed that with FsPassengers enabled, the error happens twice: It's strange issue because it happens only in Southern America but doesn't happen in Middle East. I don't really know how and why, but it just happens. FSUIPC4.ini FSUIPC4.log
  10. 6- FMS speed management: At takeoff, FMS maintains V2 speed until 2500' AGL. You should put a filed to enter acceleration altitude or make it as standerd (1200' AGL). At landing, when making a direct to IF, speed dropped to VAC speed. It should based on distance not on waypoint itself. 7- Checklist issues: In power up checklist, it requires you to run APU even if GPU is on. This isn't totally correct as must companies uses GPU first. In descent checklist, it waits for transition altitude. That is okay in America and all countries which have a transition altitude above 10000'. But in Europa for example the transition altitude is 5000' which won't complete the descent checklist. It should check the transition altitude: If it above 10000' it has to be in the descent checklist. If below, put it in the approach checklist. There no taxi checklist. That is really bad since I always forget to shutdown APU and turn on taxi light. At least put it in after start checklist. No taxi to ramp (after landing) checklist.
  11. Hello, After months of flying with E175 and E195, I think it's the time to provide some feedback. I am using FSX:SE and bought the plane from Steam store. 1- Lights isn't placed correctly: 2- Incorrect VNAV slope: Here you can see the aircraft above the actual path, while VNAV slope is indicating above. this problem will lead finally to a high descent rate near the waypoint which is a big problem specially when it belows 10000' because aircraft has to reduce to 250kt while the descent rate is high. 3- Bad autopilot: There is a lot of issue in the autopilot: When start descent, it descent below the magenta line (It initiate descent with very high descent rate) then it climbs, and repeating. I have to disconnect AP and handle the airplane prefctly with the magenta line then engage AP again. When the plane near 10000' and reducing to 250kt, the autopilot stop the descent, until speed around 270kt (from 290kt) then it descents with really high rates due to VNAV issue. I have to deploy full speed brake. When the plane near the cruise altitude (FL320 for example) it stops climbing at FL317 then it descents, then climbs again to FL317 and repeating. I have to disconnect AP and climb to FL320 myself then engage the AP again. When the plane establish the ILS, it follows LOC and GS but near 400' AGL the autopilot lose the GS, I have to disconnect AP and land manually. At cruise level, when strong turbulence comes for example, the airplane start climbing too much to the cruise level (e.g FL320). It climbs to FL322 then descent to FL318 and repeating. I have to disconnect AP and fly to cruise level then engage AP again. 4- Auto throttle issue: When decreasing the speed from 290kt to 250kt, I have to use speed brake because the VNAV issue. It starts increasing the engine power even if speed is 270kt (which is far from 250kt). I have to disconnect AT and reduce power to idle to use the speed brake. 5- FMS issue: After finishing a flight, I want to reset FMS for another flight. I just remove the runway waypoint in the FPL page (the only remaining waypoint) then fill data again. But V speeds not being removed. I have to remove it manually. Also the wind data in takeoff and landing page. Otherwise, thank you for making a nice plane! It's a great move from default FSX aircrafts.
  12. Hello I am buy Embraer E-jets V2 Steam Edition, But no liveries! Even payware liveries. McPhat studios liveries for E170 & E190 only! No liveries for E175 & E195. Where's liveries? The liveries from your website is not enough! I am searched in AVSIM library and Flightsim library, But the liveries very few. Where I can found more liveries?
  13. Hello I have a problem with Embraer E-Jets 175 & 195 Add-On on Steam edition. The TCAS and weather radar not working! TCAS Said: Traffic Traffic, decent, like this words. But nothing on TCAS screen! And also this problem on weather radar, no color on its screen! What's the solution?
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