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    ERJ's Paint Kit

    Scoobflight, I get redirected to so many different sites I get frustrated trying to sort out EXACTLY which is the download. I click on the "DOWNLOAD" button under a thumbnail of the AC with the word Download under it.The site I get directed to gives me at least 4 "Download" buttons. Every one of them redirects me to another site that has NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the paint kit! I have no interest in ANYTHING that the redirects want me to do. Why can't/won't FeelThere just simply put the download on their site so we can get it directly from them? Bill
  2. Hi, I have the ERJ package and really like these aircraft. It's wonderful. I have FSX Gold, Win 10. I have read and reread the manual on the FMC. I program the FMC as per instructions and confirm that the FMC is controlling the aircraft (the PDF compass indicators are purple). I take off and engage the autopilot, select the ALT SPD and HDG. The plane doesn't follow the flight plan I entered. The only thing I see is a discontinuity. I want to overfly the waypoint listed above the discontinuity. How do I resolve this? Thanks for your help with this and thanks for a great product. Bill Mattson
  3. Hi All, It may be that I have just overlooked something in the manual but I can't see how to change from the Nav 1 radio to the Nav 2 radio. I would suppose that it will be the same to change the COM radio. Any advice? Thanks, Bill Mattson Airspeed, altitude and ideas, bad to run out of all three at the same time

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