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  1. Siletz Bay Beacon light beam collision detection

    Thought I'd better return to provide a conclusion to this thread for the infomation of anyone who happens by it. I was correct in my theory about the beacon crashbox and Orbx have now fixed the problem. During my investigations I also discovered that effects files for the runway lights had become separated from the Siletz bay installation, so I had them fix those too (makes the lights much more visable). The patch is delivered automatically though FTX Central 2 for anyone with Siletz Bay installed. So these little niggles are now sorted and this scenery makes a nice little West coast stop off, day or night.
  2. Siletz Bay Beacon light beam collision detection

    Thanks for the reply Bill and I understand the situation. The Orbx forums suggest that it's been fixed, but I've just downloaded the latest Siletz Bay Version 1.05 from Flightsimstore and installed it, along with the latest Orbx libraries and it makes no difference. It's still broken for me. They seem to have been confident it was fixed, so maybe they're broken it again with a library update, I don't know. Certainly if you fly above the level of the beacon tower, then there is no crash, but I'm thinking it's not the actual light beam at all (I've noticed that it can sweep over the plane without effect). If you crawl along the ground from North to South or South to North anywhere across the airfield (runway, grass, taxiway, parking area), the plane always crashes at a roughly East-West line that runs across the scenery and through the beacon tower. This is a very narrow line. Low and behold, when I look at the night time version of the rotating beacon model in modelConverterX, theres a long thin crashbox running out of either side of the tower for some distance. This seems like the obvious culprit, so I don't undertand why this could still be broken after several years and multiple comments from Orbx customers. It almost makes me think that I must be missing some other complicating factor. I'll raise it again at Orbx. Cheers, Dave.
  3. Heron's Nest Coastline problem with FYT Vector

    Hi Bermuda, I don't think it is an issue. Vector's coastlines are pretty accurate. Heron's nest's coastlines (and this includes a large area, not just Heron Island) are also pretty good. The two just don't play very well together. Slight differences tend to stand out. For Damariscove Island (but you can see the same type of issue to a lesser extent else where), Vector's water mask shave's the island down and then builds it back up with a wide rocky vector coastline. I'm thinking that Heron's Nest assumes that it is being applied over the default FSX coastline water mask for the area (which is a valid assumption in most cases), and adds it's own more detailed (and more accurately coloured) coastline over the top. This interferes with what Vector is doing and causes the anomaly I described in my first post. So there's a slight visual incompatability between the two. I wouldn't think FTX would readily make any changes to Vector to accomodate other individual sceneries and I don't expect Bill to have to make multiple versions of Heron's Nest to accomodate Vector (or any other Maine coastal scenery that might be lurking out there). The easiest solution, if you are using Vector and this bothers you, appears to be to just remove CVX_Heron's_Nest.BGL. This then makes FTX Vector's coastlines take precendence, whilst not (as far as I can make out) spoilng Heron's Nest in any other way. The point being that you still end up with improved coastlines (although I did think that Heron's Nest's white rock coast lines looked rather neat and more realistic from a distance). Changing scenery order might be a different approach, but I didn't try that. Dave
  4. Hi Bill, I hope this is the right place to put this topic. I have the Siletz By scenery and it's really lovely, but unfortunately it appears that the light beam for the rotating beacon object has its crashbox turned on. This means that from dusk until dawn this airport is unusable to me, since the light beam sweeps over the runway. I do not want to have to turn crash detection off just because of this single object in all of my sceneries. Is there anyway to get a fix for this problem, or have you any advice on how I can fix this myself? I'd use Instant Scenery to turn the crash box off, but it appears that the beacon tower and its beam are dynamically placed (day/night) and it doesn't seeem to show up when I look for objects through Instant Scenery. I think I could probably find a way to remove the night time version of the tower altogether, but the tower and light effect are so beautifully rendered that I'd be upset to lose them. Thank you. Dave. (using FSX and Siletz bay version 1.05)
  5. Heron's Nest Coastline problem with FYT Vector

    I think I've answered my own question. Supressing CVX_Heron's_Nest.BGL removes the new coast lines (they're enhanced for the entire area) and reverts back to the Vector ones. The vector coast lines don't have the higher contrast light (nearly white) coloured rock of the real islands though, but it's the lesser of two evils with Vector running I guess. To add, Heron's Nest is wonderfully atomspheric. Thank you for another great piece of scenery.
  6. Hello Bill, When I have Heron's Nest running with FTX Vector, there's a problem with the coast line on the Northern end of the island to the West (Damariscove Island). Vector reshapes the island and includes a wide rocky coastline. Heron's nest also reshapes part of the island adding it's own coast line. The problem is that the water polygon that vector uses makes the island a little smaller and then pads it back out with its wide coast line. The Heron's Nest coastline excludes the vector one, but is narrower and further out. This results in a line around the North part of the island (the Heron's Nest coast) enclosing a 'lake', that itself encloses the end of the island. Is there a way to remove just this new coast line so that the vector one is displayed instead? Thank you, Dave. P.S. Sorry about the topic title. FTX Global VECTOR obviously.