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  1. Problem solved.... or something like that. It looks like that the cause for not being able to open the FSUIPC window in P3D is Prosim737 server, If I just open P3D, than I can launch FSUIPC as many times as I want and do anything I like with it, but as soon as I launch Prosim, than FSUIPC will no longer open for me, I need to close Prosim and P3d and re-launch P3d without prosim. I will deal with this on the Prosim site even if at the moment I have a working solution so I have no hurry. Nic
  2. Yes I have the latest " 5.123c " installed but I still have the problem.
  3. Hello, I have just installed FSUIPC5 and I am having issues launching it. There is a similar topic about mine already from another user. When I launch the flight in P3dV4.1 if the first thing I do I open FSUIPC that it does open, but as soon as I close it once, than that is it, I cannot re-open it anymore unless I shutdown the sim and re-open it. I use windows 7 and with P3dv3 and FSUIPC4 I never had this issue. I tested it in full screen and windowed mode. Any suggestions? Thanks Nic
  4. Hi Pete, you are absolutely right, I have been meaning to move the folder but now I am scared that if I do that nothing will work anymore. On the good side, I made the radar work. Something went wrong last night when saving the file, I am sure I saved it multiple times, but when I opened it today to copy the info for you, the new lines where not there. So I did it all over again and this time worked just as it should have. If I may ask, in another port you talk about tilt and gane control, I do not have yet a Radar panel in my console, so I understand I would have to set it in Prosi
  5. Hello All, first post here, I feel embarrassed having to post about this topic since this has been discussed repeatedly also in other forums, but what can I say... I can't make it work :-) I am new to ASNext, just got it yesterday, my registered version of FSUIPC is:4.949 I use the latest version of P3D What I did was the following: I went into E:\P3D\Modules and opened the file called FSUIPC4.ini in it right under the title GENERAL I wrote the following: ASNwxRadarPath=C:\User\Nic\Desktop\Prosim737\radar.bin (all my ProSim modules are on my desktop) I also added a line with t
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