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  1. Many thanks Volker all working fine now Ron
  2. Hi Volker This is what people call a "duh" experience. The moment I selected the Prepa3D folder in Program Data, the Database Manager worked. I guess I needed to look really closely at the directory tree! Thank you very much. Now the only question I have is can I uninstall Microsoft FSX and still expect FSC to run? the last time I uninstalled it refused to load with a message that it could not find FSX. Ron
  3. Hi Volker, Here are my parameters: 1. Prepar3D (Version) 3.1 (and FSX but I don't want it, see below) 2. FSUIPC* 4949 3. I use the FSC in a network! No 4. FS Commander and Database Manager which version / revision and build used FSC 9.6 Rev 4 DB Manager 9.6 v2 (Build 05-Oct-2015) 5. Which provider and period of the AIRAC Cycle Navigraph cycle 1602 6. Aerosoft download version v 9.6 7. Operating System (Windows10 64) My problem resembles that described by others. I have an administrator installed P3D v3 and FSC and, when I try to run the Database Manager, the update airport button is inactive (png file attached). The only way I can get DB manager to work is to install Microsoft FSX and run the FSX update airports. this works fine. Then I select Prepa3D folder in left hand pane. the right hand pane remains on the FSX directory and will not move. the update airport button works and appears to update P3D successfully. I have done this twice now because after the first time I uninstalled MS FSX, which I no longer want. FSC refused yo run at all with the error message that FS 2004 or FSX files could not be found. That is why I reinstalled FSX a second time. Is it possible to run FSC using just an installation of Prepar3D and if so, how? Any help is greatly appreciated, Ron
  4. Hi Dave, Had similar problem. My version of FSC suddenly stopped working saying that it could not find MS FS 2004/FSX. I installed the latest FSC version, 9.6 along with the v2 patch. I was still not able to get FSC to run and the DB manager would not update the P3D v3.1 database. It allowed me to select the Prepar3D folder in the left and right hand windows but the button to update remained greyed out. I then installed MS FSX (which I had uninstalled a long time back (and FS Commander was still then working). Once this was done I was able to get the database manager to do its thing for FSX. I then selected Prepar3D in the left hand pane. The right hand pane, however, remained on the FSX folder! The update button was active and so, with some trepidation, I clicked on it and the database manager updated Prepar3D files. FS Commander appears to be working fine for P3D now and will work for FSX if I select from the Options/Display toolbar. My challenge now is to keep it working for P3D and uninstall FSX. Don't know if there is anything helpful for you here but I hope so, Ron

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