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  1. Ok- the panel has noticed the joystick, but when i calibrate the potentiometer, as soon as it passes halfway, it jumps to the max rotation (as the PC sees it). I will have a talk to RS components (where i bought it from), and see it's the potentiometer which is playing up.
  2. Hi, I have the Mad Catz V.1 flight stick, and I have just encountered a big problem. I have just finished a 14 hour project to make my own rudder pedals- they are almost identical to those in the link. I used a rotary potentiometer, rather than a sliding potentionmeter. I had no bearing so the potentiometer was the pivot point. I am using P3D V3.2. I was trying to get the axis to register in FSUIPC4 (full version), but it wouldn't. I then tried other axes on the joystick, but again, they wouldn't register. So it wasn't bad wiring on my part, but fsuipc was playing up. It did register the hat-switch as an axis though, but that's supposed to be a button/switch. I then looked on the internet for drivers and noticed that the were drivers for the joystick for windows 7/8, but not windows 10, if that could be the reason. I hadn't used the joystick since i had updated from 8.1 to 10, but i assumed it would work since my microsoft sidewinder from 2002, works perfectly. Although having said this, it would register in p3d settings in controls. So is there any way that the joystick would register as this is so frustrating as after 14 hours of work! Thanks a lot Harry Karmel
  3. OK thanks! I will try it, but when I press a button on any of the saitek panels it doesn't see it as a button pressed but I will try again. P.S. I mentioned lua as I have seen it in other posts but it probably looked so complicated because it was irrelevant! Thanks
  4. Hi, I was just wondering whether I could program my saitek controllers with fsuipc without rescripting the lua because if I did, I would break it, or do it wrong and waste time! My LINDA is playing up, so that's not working anyway. I am wanting to set the knob on the multipanel to a rudder/ nose wheel steering axis, as I would like to make a nose wheel tiller. Is this possible to do using fsuipc? Thanks a lot Harry Karmel
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