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  1. Hi everyone! It's been a while since I got back into simming - I've been working on a home cockpit which is finally complete! It's pretty basic but considering just how bad I am at DIY I'm extremely pleased with how it's turned out. You can see it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h10i9t6eesuhamd/20160321_141947.jpg?dl=0 Anyway, onto the problem. I've purchased and installed Iris Simulation's Jabiru J-160 (I'm a microlight chap) and I'm trying to get all the buttons to work with my Saitek switch panel. I've got a paid for and registered latest version of FSUIPC and it works superbly. However, for the life of me I can't map the buttons on the aircraft panel with the buttons from the Saitek controller. Here's what I'm doing: > Using SPAD assign a 'virtual joystick' and button for the "fuel pump" switch > With FSUIPC open I can import that button > I assign the "Toggle elect fuel pump" to it (using parameter = 1) > Nothing happens I've been using FSUIPC perfectly fine with some other controls like toggling the fuel tap. It's just the Saitek panel I'm struggling with. I remember, a few years ago, I got the Katana X and that came with a bunch of custom variables that had to be mapped. I seem to remember these already being available inside FSUIPC's list of controls. However, I can't find such a thing for the Jabiru. Having looked in the support section for Irish Simulations I know they use custom variables for the buttons and switches. Does anyone know how to solve me problem? I'm kind of guessing that somehow, FSUIPC has to recognise the custom variables in order to show them as options in the controls list. Any ideas how I might achieve that? Many thanks everyone! Dave
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