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    ASUS Sabertooth X99. Intel Core i7-5820 (Hexacore) @ 3.3 GHz, 16GB DDR-4 Corsair Vengance RAM, EVGA GTX-970 4GB GDDR5, Corsair H105 liquid cooling, 1kW Corsair RM1000 PS, CH Eclipse Yoke, Thrustmaster Rudder, FSX Throttle Protec
  1. Pete, Many thanks for your continued contribution to the community. I too will buy V5 on release as your product is essential to making my setup give me the results I want. Cheers! Gregg
  2. Pete, Looks like there was a problem when the controller was installed by Windows. I disabled and then re-enabled the controller in Device Manager and the problem disappeared. Thanks for your help!!
  3. Hello Pete, I have been using my registered version of FSUIPC4 (v4.955) very successfully with Win 7/64, FSX-SP2, PMDG-737NGX and the following hardware: CH Eclipse Yoke Thrustmaster Rudder Pedals FSXThrottle Pro Tek 737 Quadrant I recently created a fresh install of Win 7/64 on a second SDD with Prepar3D (v3.4.22), PMDG 737NGX (new license for P3D) and the same hardware. This install features FSUIPC (v4.966c). After "disabling controllers" and deleting all axis assignments in P3D I have successfully assigned the yoke and rudder pedals in FSUIPC. However, I get no response when I try to assign the throttle quadrant. The same is true for buttons & switches; I get no data when I scan and move the quadrant axes / buttons. All three devices are registered in the FSUIPC.ini file (attached) and all three can be assigned and calibrated within P3D if I enable the controllers for troubleshooting purposes only. I have used the JoyId utility to swap all of the axes to different ID's and back again without effect. I have run the HID Scanner (log attached) but it looks okay to me. I have spent several days over the past 2 weeks poring through the forum for a solution without success so I hope you can tell me what is wrong. I have attached a log coverering the following actions: Start Prepar3D > start a scenario > Open FSUIPC > assign ailerons > assign elevator > assign rudder > assign left brake > assign right brake > close FSUIPC & save assignments > move all of the assigned axes > open FSUIPC > try to assign quadrant axes without seeing any input > close FSUIPC > move quadrant axes > move aileron axis again > close Prepar3D. Many thanks in advance, Gregg FSUIPC Files.zip
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