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  1. Bill is still having problems getting to the t/s 3 server I told him to try today on the NJ t/s2 channel and we can help him. aroung 1300 our time

  2. Hi Gary hope you can join Scottie and I next week. We are getting lonely and would like to do flying with the Misty group.

    Hope all is well with you. Dobie efc580

  3. Hello: It is best to ask here: viewforum.php?f=54 Hope this helps! :D GaryGB
  4. Hi Bill: After re-reading the above posts, I agree that the primary focus of the thread originator had to do with FSUIPC problems as you may also have concluded. Based on the manner in which the orignal post was written, I believe it could be interpreted as largely critical of FSUIPC and/or Microsoft, rather than truly describing a real world technical support response actually received. Yet I believe the post, as an FSX consumer's "situational" commentary, however satirical (or mildly sarcastic?) it was worded, was entitled to be made here as well. :roll: Based on the manner in which your reply was written, it seemed to me that your post could convey a sense that the other party was unwelcome to post here on the basis of topic specificity, and thereby deserving of pejorative admonishment for having done that, perhaps also for having jovially cast dispersions on FSUIPC and/or Microsoft for the malfunctions experienced in FSX. Bill, I do greatly respect the many valuable contributions you have made to the FS community via your posts and freeware submissions over the years, so I hope my rather specific concern expressed on this will not be perceived as anything more general than I describe herein. :) I must say that numerous occasions your posts have been rather critical of newcomers who may not yet be familiar with prior information on matters FS, how to use forums and forum search engines etc.. And it has been my perception that you have manifested a marked and vigilant, almost unconditional defense of Microsoft seemingly whenever forum participants exercise their right to voice their critical reactions and opinions, or they voice tentative conclusions (correct or incorrect) while trying to deal with, or to understand the latest FS version. I mean no offense by asserting this, as I certainly understand how frustrating it can be to have to wade through some of the more outrageously worded and apparently unfounded end user posts. And yes, it is an overworked excuse by frustrated, impatient and undisciplined people that they simply put the blame for their challenges onto Microsoft or some other 3rd party when they also have some responsibility to sit their butts down repeatedly and do some studying (like many of us have already tried to do) in order to grasp somewhat complex FS subjects that can only be made partially easier to use by people from all walks of life via a graphical user interface. But I believe it is important that we remember there are a wide variety of people who are at different levels of understanding in the forums who might just re-think their positions if they were provided with a non-judgemental, patient, simplified, matter of fact explanantion of how things actually are and how things can be if one does 'thus and so'. It might also be really effective at putting out fires (flames?) in forums. Then forums can be more harmonious, and one doesn't have to hose down one's hip waders as much while cruising those forums for one's own purposes. :wink: Not everyone has the patience to do this, and it probably can get dis-satisfying rather quickly. But I believe that if we cannot, or will not help someone, we should at least "do no further harm". I daresay the forums are not intended to be a shooting arcade where 'ace gunner geeks' possibly despondent over being overworked, underpaid, misunderstood, underappreciated (and frustrated by having so much distraction and stress in the forums as they go about their business) do not just politely and in a moment of remedial instruction, "clear the air", but indulge rather in taking "potshots" at the objects of their derision... just like the people taking "potshots" at Microsoft! :idea: I was rather disproportionately vigilant myself at the time I wrote my hastily issued post above after just having dealt with another party's pattern of recurrent negative behavior which I believe jeopardized the good spirit of welcome, comeraderie, and learning in a supportive environment for people at all levels of skill and understanding in the SimFlight Forum system. So I suppose my reply above could also be considered somewhat disproportionate to the particular occasion, but well-intended by virtue of a perceived sense of mission on behalf of the open and courteous setting I hope we all would like to maintain here; therefore I offer my apologies to you for my having "risen too far above" the occasion. :oops: Kind regards, GaryGB
  5. Hi Bill: Good Heavens... lighten up!!! :shock: I believe he is entitled to post information here offering general FSX consumer feedback on the fact that he successfully got an indication of the high interest Microsoft has for the widespread dependency of many add-ons for proper function of FSUIPC, so much so that they actually got people to come in to work on a Saturday, and they are so diligent in their efforts that they will have an answer to his problem by Noon! :wink: Personally I think he might have been saying this tongue-in-cheek, but you never know! :twisted: I do agree that he should find an abundance of help via the FSUIPC forum (in addition to here) though! :D GaryGB
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