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Problem with GoFlight KeyMapping

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I could map the PMDG737 (MCP/RP48) without any problems, it works like a charm.

Now, I am working on mapping the Flight1 Meridian and I have a problem. Very often, when I try to map a key, for instance "CTRL+SHIFT+F", it gives me the following result 'CTRL+SHIFT+(null)" or "CTRL+SHIFT+Clr" even though I typed the right keys in the button section. It seems that it does not want to map certain keys, especially "CTRL+SHIFT+key". It looks to me like it remembers what has been mapped (even though I did specifiy "airplane specific" and does not want to map it again.

This is annoying with the meridian because it has to be CTRL+SHIFT+key.

I was wondering if someone here had the same problem.

Thanks a lot for your help


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I saw the same thing. The only way I know to get around this is to manually edit the FSUIPC.ini file. I have to do this anyway since I'm using the RealityXP "unit selector" methodology, where you send two ctrl-shift-key events - the first to select a particular instrument (or group of instruments), and the second to "press the button".

But anyway, open up your .ini file and find the line that corresponds to what you tried to set up in the FSUIPC GUI, and then manually change the keycode to what you want. You'll need to use the FSUIPC Guide For Advanced Users, which has the keycode mapping numbers.

Good luck,

Dave Blevins

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Thanks Dave!

I will try that.

Yesterday, I installed some GoFLight throttles and my rotary buttons mapping assignments do not work anymore even though the rotary buttons do work...

Looks like I am going to spend some time re-mapping some stuff.



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