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Latitude and Longitude - Delphi

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Things are going wonderful now. I just have a question for a delphi programmer that has successfully got the latitude and longitude to display correctly. The offset table guide to this section is just a little hard to understand. Your help is appreciated.



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some excerpts from my code (free to use but no guarantee):

Lat_FS, Long_FS: Comp;     // $0560, 8 / $0568, 8 (in FS format)
Latitude, Longitude : Double;

FSUIPC_Read($0560, 8, @Lat_FS, dwResult);                 // Latitude of A/C
FSUIPC_Read($0568, 8, @Long_FS, dwResult);                // Longitude of A/C

function Decode_FS_Latitude_to_Decimal(lat : comp) : Double;
  Result := lat * 90 / (10001750.0 * 65536.0 * 65536.0);

function Decode_FS_Longitude_to_Decimal(lon : comp) : Double;
  Result := lon * 360 / (65536.0 * 65536.0 * 65536.0 * 65536.0);

  // Extract and display current position of aircraft
  Latitude  := Decode_FS_Latitude_to_Decimal(Lat_FS);
  Longitude := Decode_FS_Longitude_to_Decimal(Long_FS);

  if Latitude >= 0 then begin
    Label_Lat.Caption := 'N ' + FormatFloat('0.00', Latitude) + '°';
  end else begin
    Label_Lat.Caption := 'S ' + FormatFloat('0.00', Latitude) + '°';

  if Longitude >= 0 then begin
    Label_Lon.Caption := 'E ' + FormatFloat('0.00', Longitude) + '°';
  end else begin
    Label_Lon.Caption := 'W ' + FormatFloat('0.00', Longitude) + '°';

This should get you up and running...



Edit: 'greater than' changed to 'greater than or equal to'.

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