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Example for GFDisplay: LED Indicates Wing Folding Progress

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I figured out this much at least...

0=X2A48 F64 *100 =100 ; Left Wing Folded
1=!C0 X2A48 F64 *100 !=0 ; Left Wing in Motion
2=X2A48 F64 =0 ; Left Wing Extended
3=X2A50 F64 *100 =100 ; Right Wing Folded
4=!C3 X2A50 F64 *100 !=0 ; Right Wing in Motion
5=X2A50 F64 =0 ; Right Wing Extended

Needs=E B
L5.1=C0 C3 =1 ;       Both Wings Folded
L5.2=C0 C4 =1 Fslow ; Left Folded, Right Moving 
L5.3=C1 C3 =1 Fslow ; Left Moving, Right Folded 
L5.4=C1 C4 =1 Ffast ; Both Wings Moving 
L5.5=C2 C4 =1 Fslow ; Left Extended, Right Moving
L5.6=C1 C5 =1 Fslow ; Left Moving, Right Extended

1. When the wings are extended, the LED is off.

2. When one wing is in motion, the LED flashes slowly.

3. When both wings are in motion, the LED flashes quickly.

4. When both wings are folded, the LED stays on.

This is starting to get fun!

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