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Disablind FS2002 Menu Items vie FSUIPC and visual basic?

Guest braunewell

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Guest braunewell

Hi Guys,

im looking for a way to disable some Menu Items in fs2002 vie FSUIPC and Visual Basic. Any experiences? ideas?

You would save my world if ...

Thanks a lot

Stefan :?

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Guest stefan braunewell

hi stuart,

thanks for youre reply.

this is exactly what i was looking for, i would like to restrict

the Bits 8–15 (byte at 32F1): Flight Sim menu restrictions - 2^14 that disables them Menu: Flights, Aircraft and World menus.

To be honest i have no idea how to write that in Visual Basic, reading values is no problem.

Do you have a litle example for me?

Thanks a lot


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Private Type DWORD_Split
  Byt0 As Byte
  Byt1 As Byte
  Byt2 As Byte
  Byt3 As Byte
End Type

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim dwResult As Long
Dim vDisable As DWORD_Split
  vDisable.Byt0 = 0
  vDisable.Byt1 = 64
  vDisable.Byt2 = 0
  vDisable.Byt3 = 255
  Call FSUIPC_Write(&H32F0, 4, VarPtr(vDisable), dwResult)
  Call FSUIPC_Process(dwResult)
End Sub

Note that the FSUIPC docs state that you will need to call this frequently in order to maintain the menu disabling effect for a period of time. FSUIPC will reset it a few seconds after being called to prevent crashed apps from rendering FS menu options inaccessible.


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