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New at This - WideFS - Connection Trouble - What else?

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Set up...

I have one (A)computer (OS WindowsXP Prof) with FS2002 with WideServer.dll installed in the FS2002 Module section. The other (B) computer(OS Windows 98SE) has the WideClient.exe file and TrafficBoard application installed [(TCP/IP -> ServerName = DAD in Wideclient.ini file). The network is a LAN Workgroup and all tests indicate that all computers (there are 2 more) are referenced and operating/functioning correctly on the network. I have read your user noted on WideFS and think that I have understood them....but I cannot get a good connection in FS2002...by the following procedure:

1. start WideClient.exe on Computer B

2. start FS2002 -> flynow -> flight window with menu ->

FS2002 error is a

Wideserver ERROR dialogue box

"Server socket () failure [Error=10047]

Address family not supported by protocol family"

WideClient.ini file --

********* WideClient.DLL Log [version 5.41] *********

Date (dmy): 30/03/03, Time 20:41:37.860: Client name is DAD2

16 Attempting to connect now

42 Trying TCP/IP host "DAD" ...

42Okay, IP Address =

1501 Error on client pre-Connection Select() [Error=10061] Connection refused

1525 Ready to try connection again

1535 Attempting to connect now

107570 Reception maximum achieved: 0 frames/sec, 0 bytes/sec

107570 Max receive buffer = 0, Max send depth = 0

107570 ********* Log file closed (Buffers: MaxUsed 0, Alloc 0 Freed 0 Refused 0) *********

Could you please help me out here....I assume that the connection is made between Dad2(Computer B) and Dad (Computer A)...Do both computers have to have the status of their disks shared?....or is it something else...

:cry: :cry: :oops:

Thanks for any suggestions....


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Thanks Stuart for your reply...

Feel a bit stupid about this one...

Never thought to set up the WideServer.ini - probably missed this in the instructions by Peter...

Anyway, Set TCPIP to Yes and ServerName to Computer B...Voila...Connected!!

Really appreciated your reply...


:) :)

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