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FS2004, GPSOut, palm, usb... anybody?

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Trying to get GPS output to moving map program on laptop.

I have FS9 running on XP machine with PFC Cirrus running off Com1 (works fine). I moved GPSout files into module folder (no changes to ini file). Placed serial cable (extension cable with null modem adapter) to remaining 9 pin serial port and connected to a moving map software program on laptop (Voyageur). I set the moving map to autodetect GPS signal ( I also tried forcing to Com1 on laptop). Started both programs up and PortMon on PC . I see no activitiy on PortMon at all. Shouldn't there be some activity for the PFC stuff?

I looked in System > hardware and see the Com2 port and it does not report any problem. COM2 is set within the GPSout.ini file

I tested the cable and the 2-3 connections are reversed but the 1 pin is jumpered to the 6 pin and feeds to the 4 pin on the other end. Pin 4 feeds to both 1 and 6. Without the null adapter its a straight through connection.

I ran Dir>>Com2 from command prompt and I do see activity within Portmon then.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

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