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Press Release

JDT LLC Announces Radar Contact Version 4 will begin shipping December 10, 2005.

Flight Simulator will now have the best ATC at every airport, every hour, every day.

Memphis, TN, November 11 2005: John Dekker and Doug Thompson report that Radar Contact Version 4 has been released to manufacturing, with an expected general availability of December 10, 2005. Radar Contact, a highly successful Flight Simulator ATC add-on, provides a realistic experience to Flight Simulator enthusiasts, wherever and whenever they fly.

Version 4 offers:

· Interaction with traffic on the ground and in the air around you. Realistic chatter to and from the traffic.

· Internationalization – which means realistic Transition Altitude/Transition Level, proper phraseology outside the United States, more accurate ATC procedures.

· Enroute holds now tied to arrival weather.

· Support for pilot's discretion (PD) descent clearance from cruise to allow descents that are better aligned with those calculated by FMCs/CDUs.

· Centers accurately divided into real world sectors.

· More pilots, more controllers, 109 popular airport names recorded, over 700 carrier names recorded, all center names recorded, all aircraft types recorded.

· More realistic crossing restrictions based on runway in use. Runways chosen based on AI activity.

· More efficient arrival vectors.

More information available at http://www.jdtllc.com

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