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VB - Offsets returns zero.

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I am defnately missing something huge.

Why does all my read commands return zero to some of the basic ofsets. Is it something to do with my reg key or what. I do not think so.

What does the varPtr() function mean?

Am I correct in asuming that the data type I need to use must corelate to its size. E.g. if I need to read e.g. Ground altitude at 0020 then I would use a Long data type in VB which is 4 bytes long??

Offset 3C00 which I presume is a string, what VB data type should I use? String does not seem to work.

Thanks for all the help.

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We need to know / see what you have tried to read???

VarPtr i think means "Variable Pointer"?

Not to sure, i just use it....

   Call FSUIPC_Read(&H570, 8, VarPtr(varTest), varResult)
   Call FSUIPC_Process(varResult)

the above code will read & store the aircrafts altitude into the variable varTest

This variable "varTest" is dimmed as a "Currency" type as it requires a decimal point..

the "varResult" is used to queue the commands / reads / writes....

the FSUIPC_Process is used to send / process that queue.

In general when using a new offset for the first time i will start with

a "Long", then a "Double", then a "Currency", Then a "String" followed by other combinations...

As pointed out the VB documentation for FSUIPC, the currency datatype is perfect for reading in the latitude / longitude.....

when testing i generally place the following type of code in a command button for simple testing...

   Call FSUIPC_Read(&H570, 8, VarPtr(varTest), varResult)
   Call FSUIPC_Process(varResult)
   Msgbox varTest

If you post a particular problem i'm sure someone will be willing to help with an answer.

Hope this helps??

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